1 Year, 20 Pounds To Go

6 Jun

I’ve been gone for 10 months. I’m back now and really excited . I could take some time to explain where I’ve been in great detail, instead I’ll just explain a few highlights and say that I’m very happy to be here again! I’m not sure for how long…but I’m excited to start sharing my journey again and have all you readers keep my ass accountable.

If you used to be a reader, you know my story. I lost 80 pounds last year and documented the entire process on this blog. I stopped blogging in August 2012 when I had to suddenly move, got a new job and then fell back in love with my ex boyfriend. Well my ‘ex’ is now my fiancé and we live together in the North Park area of San Diego. Since you last heard from me…. I must admit I’ve gained 5 pounds. I’d like to call it happy weight. It’s true I’m exceptionally, insanely happy and I’ve spent many more nights with dining with friends or my ‘fiancé’ and a glass of wine than at the gym. But I’m not sad about it- I just know it has to stop there. It’s time to get back on the FIT wagon.

I’m getting married in 324 days. I want to lose 20-25 pounds by then. No, scratch that… I want to lose 15 pounds in two months then 5-10 more before my wedding. This is going to be a tough challenge, but a fun one. Besides my health and improved energy, I have the ultimate motivation to get skinny- looking my best when I marry my best friend in 10 months. There will be lots of fun events that ill need to look FIT for throughout this process, and I can’t wait! I hope you check in with me every few days and see how I’m doing- you guys keep me on my toes!imageimage


FITness Still Matters

13 Aug

HI FIT Bitches!  I know I’ve been gone for days and days but I have an explanantion, I swear! Ok so here’s the short version… First of all- I moved out of my apartment in Ocean Beach.  My dreamy beach oasis is but a distant memeory and I’m really really sad. I had a pschitzophrenic neighbor who thought my roomate and I were stalking him and he eventually tried to break into our apartment with a huge butcher knife.  Sadly it wasn’t a safe place for us to stay any more  and we moved out that same month.   At the same time, I’ve been job searching like crazy and landed a sweet new gig that I start next week.  I gave my two weeks to my current job and couldn’t be more excited  to have a fresh start.  As far as my FITness goes, I’m working out really steadily and pushing myself quite hard while at the gym.  I’m at a steady weight and am still hoping to lose about 7 lbs more. 


I’ll be back to my regular posts as I get setteled into my new routine, living situtaion and job. 

While I’ve been gone from the blog world, I’ve been hanging with friends, my birthday passed, I went shopping, I’ve been eating amazing summer food and of course hittin’ the gym.  Here are just a few photos to get you caught up on what been going on in my super busy but still very FIT focused world!

I bought these oh so tacky yet oh so amazing leapord print heels.  Clearance. $8. Glory.

I had the best dinner I’ve had in months @ Rok n’ Fish in Laguna Beach with my parents.

That’s some oak grilled halibut and spicy mac n’ cheese.

We ended my bday dinner with the best dessert aound, gelato. 

I had nutella  and pistachio flavor!

My parents pretty much got me a whole new wardrobe as a my bday present.

I went on a much needed and MUCH appreciated shopping spree with my mom.

I actually have cute clothes that fit now and it feels amazing.

I’ve been weight lifting like crazy, still working on trying to get a bigger booty.

Thankfully all my hott friedns like to work out too! Gossip+ cardio = extreme mood enhancer.

I’ve gotten really into Chia seeds and top everything I can with them!


And finally, this picture is just for laughs.  Take note FIT dudes.  This is so true.



Happy Monday everyone!  Here’s to new beginings!

The Last Day Of The Craziest Year

1 Aug

I finally made it! I made it through the what I consider to be the most turbulent year of my life so far!  26 was a year full of change and growth and weirdness.  A lot of things went wrong and a few things were really awesome.  Overall, alot of out of the ordinary occured and  nothing turned out the way anyone thought it would.  For some bizarre reason I’ve been wanting to be 27 since I was little.  Something about the age seems perfect.  I feel like  it sounds like you’re an adult, but it’s still got that fresh 7 in there.  I have high hopes for 27, I know this will be the best year of my life. 

I’m planning on starting my 27th year out right by getting my ass up for a run tomorrow. Now if I can only turn off the Olympics earlier than last night so I stand a chance in hell of dragging my old ass out of bed. There’s nothing like the pressure of  creating what’s supposed to be one of the greatest years of your life to motivate you @ 5:45am! If you haven’t noticed, I’ll use any excuse to motivate myself.

I’ve had an awesomely FIT week which has included a fun Pilates reformer class on Monday with my best friend and a glorious hot yoga class last night with my sister.

Hopefully I lost a few toxins & lbs and didn’t just dehydrate myself

I bet all the people who saw my in the grocery store immediately following this class enjoyed my slimy sweaty appearance

Even my sis, a notorious non-sweater, was soaking!

After this super sweaty, good for my mental health type of class, I hit up the grocery store and bought some salmon.

This was the best fish I’ve ever made in my life.  I have a tendency to over cook my salmon, because the thought of eating raw, non sushi-grade salmon makes me ill. But last night,  for some magical reason, my fish was perfection. Crunchy& crispy on the outside and tender and moist in the middle. Drizzled with some asian BBQ sauce and topped off with sliced Avocado- perfect!

I’m off to the gym tonight to try to get a big butt on the stairmaster!

Lately I’ve Been….

26 Jul

…eating food cooked in batches! On Monday night,  I made up a big lentil salad and huge batch of overnight cold oats!  It’s been so awesome to have delicious healthy food ready to eat all week long! I’m the type of girl who eats something twice and I’m totally over it but not this week! These two dishes have been super delicious and I’ve been excited to eat ’em all week long! I can’t wait to share the oat recipe with you!

I’ve been wanting to try to make cold oats just  mixing them with bomb-ass ingredients like greek yogurt and stuff but I never seem to get around to it….and I usually favor eating   high protein stuff  like eggs or plain yogurt for b-fast.  But on Monday night I was cleaning out my pantry in preparation for moving and found a can of organic oats….The thought of eating warm oatmeal in the summer makes me want to gag….it seems like a comforting food in theory, but when I actually eat it- it’s just too warming and carby for my taste buds.  This is exactly why I think I’m drawn to cold oats!  A few local coffee shops in SD make a dish similar to this and they seem to be really popular. If eating cold oatmeal sounds weird to you- give it a shot once and I know you’ll love it!  These oats are high in protein thanks to the addition of greek yogurt and you can make them in a large batch so they’re an easy summer breakfast to make your work week a breeze!

These are the simplest thing  on the planet  and you can vary the recipe depending on your taste. FYI-you could make these much faster by making step 1 shorter, you only need about 5 hours to soak….or you can push it to 24 hours!

Cool, creamy strawberry oats with chia seeds.

1. Soak oats  in lemon water over night to draw out some of the phytic acid…What is phytic acid you ask?   Well I didn’t know either until my paleo genius roommate gave me the low-down.  Many grains and legumes contain phytates which are compounds that can prevent your body from fully absorbing certain nutrients.  Soaking oats overnight in lightly salted, lemon water lowers the amount phytic acid in them and leaves you with all the healthy, fibery oat goodness! This also softens your oats, which is necessary since you wont be cooking them! I soaked about 2 cups of oats overnight then drained them completely. Make sure your water level is a couple of inches over the oats- they will soak up a lot of the liquid. In the morning, drain off all the soaking liquid.

2. Mix drained,  softened oats in a large bowl with about 1 & 1/2 cups of greek yogurt (this will vary depending on how creamy you want your oats to be, and keep in mind that the oats will continue to absorb liquid)

3. Add about 1/8 of a cup-1/2 cup  of any milk you like: regular, soy or coconut (which I used).  This is not an exact science you won’t ruin these- it’s just about the consistency you prefer when eating oats.

4. Stir in a cup of chopped strawberries (or any other fruit you like) and a 1/4 cup of slivered almonds for crunch

5. Mix in 2 tbsp of Chia seeds (these little babies are high in omega 3’s & fiber, and when they get a cool tapioca like quality when added to a wet mixture like this)

6. Let this creamy mixture sit in the fridge for at least 3 hours and enjoy! If you’re not anti-sugar like I am,  adding a drizzle of honey to this would be delicious!

That’s it- serve and eat just like hot oatmeal!  This will keep for about 3-4 days in the fridge!

I think the strawberries really make this breakfast. Other fruits that I think would be great: blueberries, chopped peaches, banana, cantaloupe, cherries, diced  pineapple or maybe even flaked coconut!

See those little things that look like caviar? Those are the puffed up chia seeds- such a healthy addition to this dish.

I really tried, but it was hard to make these look as great as they taste.

Iced coffee to go along with my oats…plus a dress I scored for $18.00 a Ross! Jackpot!

Food Frenzy

24 Jul

I had all out crazy food frenzied weekend. Wait hold on, let me give that statement some context….My parents came into San Diego and I had an amazing Stay-cation weekend with them.  My sister, my parents and I all stayed at the Bay Front Marriot.  It was the most perfect weekend anyone could ask for. Wine, food, laughing hysterically at inappropriate shit and just getting in some long over due family relaxation. It was perfect. Okay so back to the food frenzy.  My family and I are a bunch of foodies.  Really, all five of us love food.  Not like Burger King type fatso foodies….like real foodies.  We all love good wine, truffles, new spices and trying new things.

Here are some highlights from this weekend… And YES I realize I may have swayed slightly off the FIT path, but I’m back on it this week & I’ll tell you about that later!

Started out Saturday with some poolside cocktails and lunch.Nothing beats good guacamole. No tangy store bought crap here.

The was my favorite dish of the weekend. Shrimp grilled on sugar cane skewers with a cilantro tequila sauce and grilled lemon. The shrimp was cooked and seasoned perfectly!


Hangin’ by the pool


Ok so Pina Coladas are a vice. Love them. I only allow myself to indulge while on vacation. A stay-cation counts right?

Before dinner, I forced my mom into the middle of the road to take come pictures.

Family dinner @ Benncotto. This place won best Italian for the past 3 years in SD magazine. The service was okay, the food pretty good and the wine was fabulous.

We shared a great Malbec

I ordered their squid pasta with pink shrimp sauce. This is their famous dish that everyone raves about. I though it was okay, nothing I’d freak out over or order again. My dad was obsessed with it and couldn’t stop eating it.

Walking around Gaslamp with Mom & Dad after dinner

Breakfast buffet round 1. Greek yogurt, fruit cheese and a mini croissant.

Breakfast buffet round 2. I ate this all minus the cinnamon roll which grabbed for Nicole. I had to get second helping of the greek yogurt, it was plain unsweetened but slightly lemon~y and absolutely delicious!

After breakfast, we headed down to the pool to catch a few more rays and take a final swim.  The weekend was great- even though I was in my own city, it really felt like I was vacation.  Such a great summery thing to do.

I couldn’t end such an epic weekend on a boring note, so after my parents left and I ran some errends, I met up with Grace for dinner @ West Coast Tavern followed by drinks at True North. Talk about a high cal two days!  My waist thanks god that these weekends only happen once in a while!

Flatbread with roasted peppers, shitake mushrooms, garlic confit, goat cheese and arugula sprinkled with sea salt + a Widmer Hef!

This was really delicious, I took about a 1/3 home as a midnight snack.

It’s back to normal healthy/ paleo-ish eating this week so far.  What’s on your menu this week??

Random FIT Facts

17 Jul

I’ve been writing this blog for almost a year now and have discovered alot of things I love about leading a FIT life.  Everyday there is a new opportunity to do something fun, eat something  delicious, meet someone awesome all while LOSING WEIGHT!  It’s easy to get bored and feel like  you’d rather order a pizza than make a salad or hit the bar instead of the gym.  So I think it’s important to take a step back and look at all the positive things that come with a healthy life. Here is a random list  of some of the little things that bring me joy, or just some of the things I ponder as I build muscle and kick fatness in the ass! 

Almonds are Easy-  Almonds are like my security blanket.  Having them around means that I won’t get insanely hangry and have a sickening blood sugar drop.  A handful of these healthy bad-boys is the perfect snack, I try to keep them around all the time.  Tip: try the Wasabi Almonds from trader Joes…glorious, just try not to eat the whole bag in 1 day!

Avocados, proof that love does exist– sweet Christ, the fact that these are high in good fat and low in carbs seem unreal. True love, or maybe lust….

A new, tight hair tie makes all the difference– Oh how much prettier my pony tails swings when my hair is pulled tightly back in what I call- ‘the face lift’ pony.

Water is awesome- Thank goodness water doesn’t taste like shit. I mean it almost has no flavor (most of the time), feels awesome in your mouth, is mucho beneficial and is refreshing as hell. You can drink the clear stuff all day long- awesome, thanks mother nature.

I like not being crazy- In High School I had a friend who was trying to lose weight and would eat nothing but cottage cheese, spinach, almonds and turkey for weeks at a time.  This friend lost weight but would be so annoyingly obsessed with eating only certain foods that I wanted to punch her in the face.  One day I asked her  to try a bite of this delicious roasted veggie pizza I brought for lunch and she wouldn’t even take one bite- not even half a bit.  Everyone was raving over this pizza and I knew she would love it.  I remember that  exact moment because I couldn’t believe how stupid it was that she would deny herself one tiny delectable bite. I never want to be the girl whose entire world revolves around dieting.  Cheers to not being bat shit nuts like that.  I am okay with ‘cheating’ or as I like to call it, ‘living’ sometimes.  For example, I had the plate below (minus the toast) for brunch on Sunday followed by 3/4 or a huge veggie supreme burrito that evening.  Did I gain any weight from doing that? No- because  I don’t eat that way all the time. I just refuse to be an uptight skinny ho-bag who can’t enjoy food!

soy-rizo scramble from West Coast Tavern 🙂

Endorphins really are  a great drug- So besides being healthy and helping people look great, exercise ALSO releases endorphins that make you FEEL great. Bring ’em on! Sometimes they are the only reason I get my ass to the gym!

Shopping, the way it should have been all along- Dude, shopping is a whole new experience for me now!  I can actually buy anything I want and it will look freakin’ suh-weet!  Ok…well not anything but you know what I mean.  It’s so refreshing to go to a store and have too many choices and too many things I absolutely love.  Truthfully, it sucks that I can’t afford to buy all the clothes I want now…because I’ve been looking forward to the day where I could go on a post weight loss shopping spree for longer than I can remember!  But even shopping for fun has become a favorite pass-time…I just LOVE trying things on!

Veggies are exciting-  I love that I’m excited to buy my veggies for the week. I love being @ Trader Joes and deciding what veggie I’ll roast, steam or saute and which I’m going to eat raw in salads. Now before you think I’ve lost my mind, just know I still think chips and salsa  are in delicious and I wish I could eat them everyday- but I enjoy eating veggies as a snack instead because they fill me up and don’t leave me feeling like shit.  It’s so fun to have so many options and that all of them are healthy in their own way.  Last week I stocked up on mini heirloom tomatoes and this week  I’ve been snacking on raw carrots and broccoli  with a greek yogurt/kale dip!

Pumping iron is sexy- I’ve always fancied myself to be strong chick.  That was until I worked out with a really strong chick who whooped my ass when we weight lifted together.  This new strong friend of  mine showed me some new weight lifting techniques that would help me sculpt my notoriously week shoulders and help me get the FIT looking arms of my dreams.  I’ve been hittin’ the free weights lately at the gym, using my new-found moves and can already notice that my arms look prettier (really, I think women neglect their arms @ the gym and it’s a HUGE mistake!) I want sexy arms a la Jessica Beil. 

photo from x929.ca. This is Jessica at the ESPYS this years- what a boss

 Peace ❤





A Few of My Favorite Things

13 Jul

I realize its been a while guys.  I’ve had some major life changes going on related to a schizophrenic neighbor who may or may not be plotting the death of my roommate and I. Seriously-like for real he’s now in a mental hospital and we don’t know when he’s getting out.  Looks like I have to move away from my beloved Ocean Beach.  I’m going to try and stay in the perfect little beach town, but it’s pricey for 1 person alone and I’m not sure I’m up for finding a new roommie. 😦  I have the best roommate ever, but she has to move to Northern San Diego. Tear. A millions tears.

I haven’t done much working out this week and somehow my hamstrings ARE STILL SORE.  I did some light weight deadlifts on Saturday- but I did like a million reps as part of my constant effort to have great thighs and ass.  Holy sweet merciful god- I destroyed myself.  But at least my shredded muscles will have to build themselves up which might mean a bigger butt right!!!?  Life is busy, busy, busy right now and I’m at kind of  crossroads.  What’s the best thing to do when I’m in  these kinds of  situations that might otherwise lead to me having a mini mental breakdown? Run. Run as much as possible. So run I will!  I’m heading to CHUZE fitness after work today to do some incline running on the treadmill and work on my abs…oh and maybe get a spray tan too.  Yeah my gym offers mystic spray tans- so you workout, shower then tan….you get skinnier from running and then  look even more skinny because of a fake tan .  Could I possibly love this place anymore?

Despite the stress going on right now, there are some pretty cool things in my world too.  Here are a few of the things I’m currently digging.

SALADS!  I’m loving all salads these days!

I want lettuce adorned with tons of bomb shit! The one below is a Cesar with classic anchovy dressing and tons of parmesan! SO good!

Classic, fresh and satisfying!

My Sister and her dude moved back to San Diego!  Yay!! 

Here they are at a welcome home taco feast!

Yellowtail tartar from Prep Kitchen, Little Italy.


 Honestly- the best dish I’ve ever ordered in a restaurant.


Not only was this beautiful but it was savory, slightly sweet and everything my taste buds have ever wanted!

Hard,  crispy apples as a snack!

These are organic apples and the variety is Cripps Pink. You know I’m a G like that.

The beach skies in OB

So beautiful. Dude you should really move here. This was the view from our local taco shop/bar on Wednesday. It makes me so happy!

Cinnamon in my Greek Yogurt

No sugar needed! Cinnamon gives this a dessert~y like feel, add cut up apples too for a guilt free, sinfully good breakfast!

 Happy Friday everyone!  Relax this weekend!


6 Jul

It was all a dream, I used to read Word Up magazine.

It’s Friday!!  Woooo!  And its pay day!

You know what that  means?  It means this FIT bitch got all fancy and decided to try the new Evolution Juice at Starbucks (it’s not often I’m willing to spend close to $5.00 on an individually sized juice).  Actually, I almost NEVER drink juice.  I find juice to be a pretty useless/idiotic thing to drink.  If you want vitamins and fiber….why not just eat the actual fruit?  Fruit juice is high calorie and high sugar.  The only time I think juice is worth the sugar is if you have a small cup of REALLY cold orange juice with eggs @ brunch-and that’s only because  it tastes fab. Or maybe if you make your own juice at home out of lots of veggies…then it’d be lower in sugar and JAM packed with nutrients.

 I’ve been wanting to try this new Evolution juice because it just looks so fresh and delicious in the fridge section in Starbucks. Well that, and the fact the every single person in front of me for the past week has been ordering one.  I’m a band-wagon type of bitch…so what can I say?  I hopped on this juicy trend and I like it! Oh yeah and they were giving out $1 off coupons today.  I think the universe just wanted me to try it.  I opted for the one that I assumed would be the lowest in sugar and would be as thirst quenching as possible.  Coconut water with pineapple. 











Oh sweet god- it tastes like the sweat of an exotic Tahitian angel. Slightly sweet, refreshing and island-esque. I’ve been craving a pina colada for about a week now.  This almost hit the spot….Maybe I could just add a splash of rum to it??

This bottle has 2 servings.  I think this is a realistic serving size.  I will drink half of this juice this morning as a ‘snack’ and probably save the other half for when I wake up tomorrow.   This way I prevent myself from  having a total sugar crash and get to savor my $5 juice for 2 days 🙂  Truthfully as delicious as this is….It’s very unlikely  that I’ll order it again. I think its overpriced and still really high in sugar.  It’s 1000 times better to just drink some water throughout the day, or maybe even some regular coconut water if you feel the need for some extra electrolytes.

 Along with my juice I had to get a Venti iced coffee of course.  Lately I’ve been trying to pay more attention to my budget so I’ve been making at home more or opting for the smaller ‘grande’ sized iced Starbucks.  But today is Friday- my favorite day of the week and I decided it was definitely a Venti day.

Please disregard my puffy, slightly black eye. I was hit with a giant marshmallow-really, really hard. I’m serious. I went to a marshmallow fight on the 4th of July and sustained an injury. It’ll make an awesome story once I’m over the trauma.

Happy Friday!

Happy July

2 Jul

It turned into July over the weekend! How did this happen!? Time goes by so fast and I have to admit I absolutely love it!  It keeps my routines from getting stagnant. I’m ecstatic that we’re in the middle of full-blown summer!  I’m in the mood for runs on the beach, bright manicures, short skirts, ripe berries and summer nights!! The coming weeks will be jam-packed with fun summery stuff and I absolutely cannot wait- I can’t wait to share them with you guys too!

I didn’t capture all much of my fun-filled weekend (actually I didn’t capture any of my Sunday because I had a serious vodka flu and ate some very un-FIT food-woops!)  So here is half of my weekend in photos!

After a long, hot, stressful week I began my two days of freedom, the best way I know how….with a drink! Yeah, yeah I know Coors light is water…but it’s all that was in my fridge!

Then my glorious roommie made some macadamia nut crusted swordfish! I think I have the best roommate in the world!

After dinner we embarked on a joint art project….We attempted to make a painting for our kitchen….whether or not we’ll hang it remains to be decided!

On Saturday, I did sprints up this hill.

And this hill.

Jogged on some cliffs that had this view.

Then ran by this beach and wanted to pound myself in the face for not lying on it like all the other smart people in OB.

Had this great post-run meal- Green egg scramble and avo! I scrambled up some eggs with roasted zukes, brocoli, fresh basil and lots of other herbs!

Went to a good old-fashioned house party with Grace in the evening.

A good old-fashioned house party that ended with chicks spinning fire covered hoops…..

I’ll save the gory details of my pathetic hung-over gym workout and subsequent Chipotle feast.

Only 2 sleeps until a crazy fourth of july marshmellow fight!

5 FIT Bitch Must Haves, V

29 Jun

1. Protein-

Of all the FIT Bitch must haves….this is my all time #1.  I honestly don’t think there’s anything for more important for me.  I can’t start my day without it, finish a work out with out it, basically I can’t feel normal with out it.   If I start my work day without protein, you can sure as hell bet I’ll be spinning into a hypoglycemic frenzy within a few hours.  I understand the same need for protein doesn’t exist for all FIT bitches.  My sister, for example ,could begin her day with a plate of syrup soaked pancakes and feel just great until lunch time.  If my brother, mom or I ate that way- we’d be  useless human beings within an hour.

This is the type of protein packed snack that makes me feel great around 3:00pm!

Protein digests much slower than carbohydrates and gives me sustained energy to get through the day.  I guess it’s just the way my body ticks.  I can feel a such a huge difference depending on the amount of protein v carbs I eat.  Some of my dietary staples include greek yogurt, tuna, salmon, eggs & tofu…without these foods I think losing weight would have been incredibly difficult- not impossible, but very difficult. Give meal a packed with protein and a good amount of fat and I’ll be walking on sunshine.  I want to encourage more people to try and eat this way because it has helped me feel better in so many ways.  My brother has stopped making starchy grains and sugars main parts of his diet and he’s never felt better…(or been more jacked!) Do it!

2. Something to look forward to-

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always had to have something to look forward to.  A trip, a long weekend, a party, a friend coming into town…it’d never really mattered what it was, as long as there was something out of the ordinary to wait for.  Having an exciting change to your routine makes mundane monday’s easier to swallow and sitting at the same desk everyday feel a little bit happier.  This year, I’ve had plenty of things to look forward to and they not only make me smilier, but they also give me motivation to work my ass off! 

Going to Maui this Spring was EXACTLY the push I needed to run my booty off!

Right now, I have my birthday to look forward to.  I think I will weigh about 50 pounds less  than I did at my last birthday! I can’t wait to pick out an outfit and then compare photos!  What a difference a year can make!  Right now I’m hustlin’ so that 27 is the hottest birthday yet!

3. Humility-

I guess this isn’t just a FIT bitch must have. I think everyone could stand to be a little more humble, but especially in the FITness world.  I’m all about self-love, but there’s nothing I hate more than watching someone drool over themselves in the mirror at the gym.  Last night, I was working out and literally wanted to punch about 10 dudes in the face.  Super pumped up men who are in lust with their biceps make me want to hurl. Hey go ahead and love yourself, but do you really need to be doing squats in booty shorts while gazing longingly at your implants in the mirror??  I know that I can always improve, I’m FAR from perfect and I have alot of work to do on my self inside and out.  Learning to balance a healthy dose of confidence served with a slice of humble pie?  That’s the ultimate challenge and one that I’ll always be working on.

How much do you want to bitch slap him?

4.  A Gym Membership-

It’s gotten pretty trendy to be anti-gym these days…the cross-fit, hiking, outdoorsy type of working out had become very popular.  Which is awesome.  Personally I can’t imagine a more amazing way to spend a Saturday morning than walking or running along the ocean. BUT sometimes I really NEED to get my ass into a gym.  I know that squats and push-ups and sprinting are EPIC ways to work my bod but sometimes I really want some equipment.  If only to change-up my routine and remind myself that yes you have random muscles and yes you can work them out.  I think the funnest part of the gym trying new machines or free weights you don’t usually use, or spying on and copying what other gyms goers are doing.  Even if I can run for free and do cool cross-fit inspired work-outs with my rommie….I’m gonna keep my gym membership.  Honestly it’s pretty cool to be in a building where everyone is focusing on FIT.  The energy in a busy gym is great motivation for me!  I WILL GO 3 days a week this summer, per my summer ’12 wish list!

5. Sleep-

Call me an old lady all you want, but I’ve been trying to hit the sack by 10:00/10:30pm a few nights a week.  I have ALWAYS been a night owl.  During the week I have to be up around 6:40am and until recently, you could still find me up watching Real Housewives at 1:00am.   For real.  I mean why would anyone do that to themselves?  It was stupid.  For the past couple weeks I’ve been sleeping earlier and feel a thousand times more alert in the mornings.  I know that lack of sleep contributes to stress and belly fat…that shit cray.  Get some shut-eye, I promise any thing you miss won’t have been that great anyway.  unfortunately getting enough sleep is a huge part of being healthy and feeling normal.  If you happen to catch me after a night of 4 or less hours, watch what you say to  me…because I can start crying at pretty much anything….or cursing… crying or cursing, how poised.  Try being inside of your bed around 9:50 or so for a week- you might just love the way you feel in the morning- oh and you might look less haggard @ 6:00am  too!