Let the Epic Intensity Begin

25 Aug

I’m a twenty six year old trying to get my ass back into high school shape!  At eighteen years old, I had a flat stomach and a pair of incredibly toned thighs thanks to lots of running, biking, and regular gossiping at the gym with my friends.  I will get that body back- it was mine and I want it back dammit!  My early twenties were NOT a time that I am proud of in regards to my body.  I basically allowed myself to not exercise and eat everything I damn well pleased.  I love food and I really loved not putting any pressure on myself to look perfect.   I’ll let you guess how that worked out for me figure!  For the past few years I’ve been incredibly unhappy and uncomfortable in my body.  Nothing feels worse than not being excited to do things because you know that you’re going to feel self conscious or sad the whole time.  When your own body makes you feel out of place or unattractive- there is nothing you can do to feel better.  I thought about my weight and what I would wear all the time! Birthdays, vacations, parties, and holidays- everything was less fun than it should have been because I spent half the time adjusting my clothes and feeling like shit. Why the hell would I let myself go on feeling this way?  Why?  Because changing is mother-fucking hard.  If it was easy to be in great shape- everyone would be.  It’s much easier to stay sad and out of shape but it’s also just…SAD.  Oh it’s also unhealthy…what finally kicked me in the butt to get motivated was  wanting to change the way that I feel. 

 In March 2011, I decided that I was FINALLY tired of the self consciousness, binge eating, fatigue and all around lame-ness I had let myself become.  Since I had tried to stick to weight loss regimen and failed so many times….I decided that this time would need to be different, I was going to this the right way. The ‘change your lifestyle’  kind of way.  The shitty part about doing this the right way….is that it was going to happen a lot slower than I wanted it to.  

In six months I’ve lost approximately 35 pounds (give or take a few because I wasn’t weighing myself too regularly in the beginning and I’m not  sure how much I actually started at.)  This sounds like a very slow process but I’m really excited that I’m actually making progress.  I’ve just been eating healthier, eating much smaller portions (which definitely took some getting used to!), and trying work out as much as possible.  I didn’t want to start out too drastically and this has actually been completely easy to stick with.  If my girlfriends want to go get Tacos at Taco Tuesday night…I go with them!  I just make sure to watch what I eat for breakfast and lunch.  I feel like I’ve finally reached a point where I’ve accepted the fact that I need to be careful about what I eat.  I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO EAT GARBAGE and feel good about how I look!  And as time passes, the less and less I want to eat garbage.  This DOES NOT mean that I don’t crave and occasionally eat hazelnut gelato or a spicy bean and cheese burrito…but these no longer make up my regular diet.  I have happily morphed in to a healthy eater and this slow yet smooth transition has led me to where I am now.  

So where am I now?  I’m at a place where I’ve adjusted to eating healthy- I know that working out will always be a part of my routine.   Now I’m ready to step it up!! I’m ready to make things a little more intense.  I want to progress further and start focusing on not only making things simple for myself, but on how to push myself harder. This has been relaxed – I did this the right way. I’ve slowly changed my eating habits and now I’m ready to see some real drastic results, and start not only impressing everyone around me- but impressing myself.  March 1 2011- August 25th 2011 was my introductory phase.  I’m ready for full out, becoming an athlete, sweat ‘til you puke, water chugging, lean protein and steamed veggie eating madness!! I Hope you enjoy watching me get FIT Bitches!!


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