Breakfast…Antioxidant Time!

26 Aug

My breakfast:

1 GLORIOUS & LIFE CHANGING STARBUCK’S VENTI ICED COFFEE + 1 splenda (try starting your morning  with one of these and you’ll be more productive than ever before- seriously, drinking these has been life changing, my office should be subsidizing this habit I GET SO MUCH WORK DONE when I have them!)

6oz of Blueberries (approx 95 cals)  Okay, honestly these blueberries are not keeping me full- I really need food in the morning. I’m pretty sure if I added a little low-fat cottage cheese it’d be perfect!

Yesterday I declared  that I was begining to step my game up. Shit dude, stepping your game up sucks!!!

Went to the gym with my friend Grace yesterday and had a pretty good work-out!  I’m a memeber @ 24Hr fitness but Grace is a memeber @ Chuze Fitness and she is allowed to bring a guest with her everytime she works out!  It’s been awesome to have a work-out buddy…it actually reminds of high school when th gym wasn’t a dreaded task- it was quality time with your friends!


~Did 25 mins on the stationary bike (Chuze Fitness has these awesome spinning bikes with big screens in font of them that make it look like your on a trail and you can choose different bike trails throughout the county-it’s so fun)

~ Did the CHUZE circuit work-out which last 30 mins.  You alternate bewteen weight machines and aerobic workouts every minute- it’s a total ass-kicker!


One Response to “Breakfast…Antioxidant Time!”

  1. Grace August 27, 2011 at 12:04 am #

    Circuit whooped my ass

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