26 Aug

I’m trying to do approx 64oz a day…isn’t that what “they” recommend? 

To my complete horror, I recently found out that water fountain at my work probabaly isn’t filtered. I’ve been using that bastard to fill up my cup like three times a day!  Oh well what’s a little chlorine, antibiotic residue and flouride gonna do to me right?  Right?   Staying hydrated HAS been warding off hunger- oh and headaches…And I pretty much just feel fresher throughout the day if I’m sippin’ on the good old clear stuff!

See don’t I just look more refreshed?? 

Hey- it’s 4:30pm on a Friday, gimme a break!!!


One Response to “H20”

  1. Vanessa Pridmore August 27, 2011 at 12:21 am #

    Haha why am I not surprised that the water isn’t filtered..I bet the drinking fountain is better than that nasty cooler thing.

    Love your blog so far!!

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