Ohhh Monday!

29 Aug

Happy Monday!!!  Wooo Hooo!  I’m ready to tear this week and my muscles apart! I’m feeling energized and completely hyped to hit the gym!!

My weekend was great…here’s a little food/ activity wrap up!

Saturday:  I only ate 1 meal the entire day(which I know is NOT ideal)….I don’t think I’ve ever done this because if I don’t eat in the morning I usually feel like crap!  I was just so busy!  My friends and I rented ocean kayaks in the morning and paddled around mission bay for two hours!  I love kayaking so much, it’s my favorite outdoor activity.  I think I’m going to start saving some money so that I can buy my own!   I drove  home from Mission Bay around 12:30pm, threw on my bathing suit and ran to the beach to swim and tan for the  rest of the day.  I was drinking tons of water because it was so hot! In total I prob walked about 2miles throughout that day.

10:00am– Grande iced coffee from Starbuck’s

4:30pm– Potato rolled tacos & diet coke from Bravo’s in OB- I’m guessing this meal was about 800 cals!

11:00pm- 2 vodka & soda waters with lime from Sunshine company   🙂

DAILY TOTAL: approx 980  cals

Sunday: Oh Sunday…I guess I should go ahead and label this day my ‘cheat’ day.  I did NOT eat very well yesterday, but that’s okay because I’m allowing myself 1 day where I can be relaxed about what I eat.  This doesn’t mean I think I can consume 5000+ calories or anything like that…I just realize that I’ll still go out to brunch or crave certain things.  Having to wait until Sunday to indulge will force me to seriously consider what I chose to eat!

Acai smoothie topped with granola, bananas, fresh strawberries & frozen blueberries

11:00am– An Acai Bowl from OB Smoothie.  These are so incredible you can’t even believe it!  If you’re in SoCal,  make the trip to Ocean Beach JUST to try one of these.  I’ve never met someone who’s tried one of these and not immediately become obsessed with them!! Though this bad boy is made of fruit, soy milk and granola which SEEMS healthy, I’m gonna go ahead and assume that it cost me a minimum of 750 cals…I got tons of healthy vitamins and antioxidants but also lots of sugar!

6:30pm– Frozen Mac n’ Cheese from Trader Joes. This is another mind-blower!  I think this would be my death row meal…super rich and freakin’ ridiculously creamy! Worth all 600 calories!

10:30pm– chips, guac &  salsa from my sisters Mexican food take-out… prob about 400 cals??

DAILY TOTAL:  approx 1750-2000 CALS.

I’m ready to start my intense healthy week!


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