Lunch Hour

30 Aug

I had this for lunch today:

It’s a Mini Veggie sandwhich on wheat from Jersey Mike’s ( a little smaller than a 6inch sub) … I wish it tasted as good as it looks –  While I give this place props for freshly slicing all their cheeses and having REALLY fresh veggies (their tomatoes are actually RED, imagine that-suck it Subway!!), the bread is SUPER dry and the veggie options on the menu leave alot to be desired….

My sandwhich had: Thinly sliced swiss & provolone, green bell pepper, lettuce, onion, pickles, tomatoes, banana peppers, vinegar, oregano & chipotle mayo (only 30 cals for the addition of this glorious condiment!)  TOTAL CALS: 438

And you know I had to wash this down with a wonderful diet coke!  *yes I know, I know, I should stop drinking this chemical filled garbage…but I have seriously cut down!  I used to drink like three a day I’m now at about 1 every other day! Slow and steady wins the race people!

Lunching with my friend/co-worker, Grace in her office…you can see her taking my photo in the window behind me   🙂



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