Pre Work-out Meal – try it!

30 Aug

A protein packed salad 🙂

This is what I ate before the gym last night!  I have been heading straight to the gym after work and find myself burning out pretty quickly…last night I went home after work so I could meet up with my sister and we could drive to the gym together.  While I waited on her to arrive home from work, I whipped up this delicious, albeit messy looking concoction and I think it was the perfect pre-workout feast!

~Organic Arugula

~Chopped, cooked beets


~Sliced Tofurkey- 2 slices (this is vegan deli meat, you can use any type of  meat you like)

~Lentils (these were left over from a stew I made on the weekend, but were they’re great cold or hott)

~Trader Joe’s Goddess dressing ( This soy/sesame dressing is amazing but a little high in calories…I take out about a tablespoon or two and add some water to the bottle, this makes the dressing thinner and allows me to use less!)

I also ate 6 woven wheat crackers ( just like triscuits) dipped in hummus.

I got to the gym around 7:10pm and we worked out until 9:00, it was SUCH a good night!! I burned 645 calories from the cardio alone, then did 45 minutes of weights!  I think  I know,  it was becase I had the perfect fuel!

When I got home from the gym, I ate a handful of blueberries and a small plate of some roasted caulifower that Nicole (my sis) made with some goddess drizzled on it!

LESSON LEARNED– eat something substantial yet lean before a workout if you really want your work out to count!  Why bother hitting the gym if you’re going to be a weak, sweaty, little twerp who burns out after 15 minutes?  A light healthy meal about an hour and a half before hitting the treadmill works best for me!

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