Making Ourselves

31 Aug

Yesterday while surfin’ the net I came across a Nike advertisement that I fell in love with.  The ad didn’t look all that appealing, it was the words that caught my eye.  The ad is part of Nike’s “Make Yourself” campaign. 

I am totally in love with the whole “make yourself” concept and plan on tearing out any of these ads that I come across that are  in print.  I think the make yourself idea is a powerful one. I like the concept that we can make our bodies into what ever we want, because even though it’s hard- it’s true. No one else can make us look or behave in a certain way. Every action that we take leads to a result, over which we have complete control over. I am entirely up to me- shit, do  you know how sweet it would be if someone else’s actions could improve my physique? That’d be glorious!  But alas, no one else is going sweat or lift or run for me.  How I feel and how I look is only in my hands. While this does leave us with total responsibility it also gives us a lot of control…this is a new way of looking at my body and my fitness. Time, money & circumstances aren’t going to make me feel better about being out of shape. Making my body the way I want it to be is entirely to me. 

The quote I saw yesterday said:

You are entirely up to you

Make your body

Make your life

Make yourself

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*DISCLAIMER-  I do NOT support any unfair labor practices allegedly used by Nike, nor am I claiming to be the #1 Nike fan!  I know that the ‘factories’ where some of Nike’s shoes are made are not very nice places, I took an entire college course on the evils of globalization for Christ sakes!  I realize that I should probably find a company that follows business standards that I can feel good about supporting. I may look into that  next week when I purchase my new pair of shoes ( I currently have Nikes)    🙂  This post is simply to praise the message that this particular ad campaign  portrays, because  I feel it relates to my current fitness situation…Okay?


4 Responses to “Making Ourselves”

  1. Ashleigh September 1, 2011 at 3:14 pm #

    Omg love this.

  2. gethappy September 29, 2011 at 3:05 am #

    Great piece of writing.Something to think about.

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