5 FIT Bitch Must Haves, PART I

1 Sep

Every week, I’m going to post what I think are the top 5 things every FIT bitch or aspiring FIT bitch (like me!) needs to have in order to achieve success!  On any given day there are dozens of items, attitudes & people who help me stick to my FIT bitch goals- but I’ll keep my weekly list to five. 

1. A good sports bra, or two at once if you’re really packin’ some heat! You know that no one needs to see those bad boys bungee jumping from your collar-bone to your belly button! Strap em’ down!

2. A plethora of spices, hot sauces and salsas!  We know that baked tofu or  fish & brown rice is a healthy meal…but who can eat that shit on a constant basis without some flavor?  Spices like chipotle, dried dill, basil, thyme, cumin & garlic add insane amounts of flavor with out insane amounts of flab!  Oh and if you’re not using liberal amounts of Tapatio, I’m not sure you’ve really ever tasted food before. It’s Calorie free and tastes like the tears of a feisty angel from  Mexican heaven.

3. Vodka & Soda water with Lime (for all the 21+ FIT bitches out there).  I’m proud to declare that this is my drink of choice. Always. Period. I used to drink Vodka & Tonic or Vodka & pineapple until my sister introduced me to idea of a calories free mixer…WATER.  I know, I know this sounds a little harsh or a little like I’m an alcoholic, but the carbonated water with a lime wedge or two really makes a refreshing, low cal beverage. Bitches who are trying to get FIT have to go out and have fun too! So why not have a cocktail that only has around 60-80 calories?  Since the ‘soda’ is just water, you’re hydrating while you party and you only get the calories from the vodka- not some lame sugary mixer!


4. Lots of fresh fruit stocked in your fridge at all times. If you’re feeling snacky and you spent like $7 on a container of organic blueberries from costco…I’m sure you’re gonna eat those instead of your roommate’s Doritos.  I mean you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money do you?  Buy healthy shit. If you have any conscience at all, you won’t want to watch your perishable, antioxidant filled berries go to waste.  Keep a good mix of fruit at your house.  There will be lots of junk food when you go out into the world- at least keep YOUR house healthy- then you’ll be forced to snack right!



5. Bitches to dance with.  According to my vast and extremely scientific research, going out dancing burns approximately 380 -400 calories and hour (subtract about 70 cals for the Vodka Soda you’ll be drinking and that makes it about 310!) Becoming a FIT bitch is about making your lifestyle a healthier one, so spend your Friday night doing something fun with your friends AND burning calories. Shakin’ your hott ass for three hours with your friends is social, fun and an easy way to be active! Plus, you could just burn 800+ calories!


2 Responses to “5 FIT Bitch Must Haves, PART I”

  1. carrie September 1, 2011 at 10:41 pm #

    hell yes top 5 is a life long necessity for any bitch!!!! i fuckin love u put tapitio!!! hahahahahah its such a must have too! hahahha

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