Labor Day Weekend Wrap-up

6 Sep

I’m back at work after what felt like a VERY long holiday weekend.  Here’s a wrap of of how I moved and some of what I ate over the past three days

Saturday & Sunday were busy days!  On Saturday, I kayaked in the morning and danced my butt off during the night! Fueled by a few Vodka & Soda waters, my friends and I  headed to Nick’s,  one of the few places in Ocean Beach that has dancing.  We shook our asses until the place closed (around 1:40am) then walked home.  Disturbingly, we all woke up at 7:40am on Sunday morning to go to Zumba!  Why we thought it was a good idea to go to bed at 3:00am  and wake up before 8:00am…I’ll never understand.  BUT Zumba was awesome!  This was my first time ever going to a class and I totally loved it!  After only 5 minutes of the class had passed- my hair was already getting sweaty, I looked up at the clock and realized that there was still 55 minutes to go- it was intense!  This class was really an awesome cardio workout. I’m not sure,  but I’m guessing I probably burned something like 400 calories!  I checked online and different websites had different estimates but they all said you burn anywhere between 500-800 calories per hour ( I like to underestimate how much I burned to be realistic!)

Here my afternoon snack from Saturday…Mmmm, watermelon and strawberries.

Sunday night I went out with my sister and a big group of our friends to a  bar in Pacific Beach called BeachWood.  We danced there all night (my feet were hurting so bad I could hardly stand on them the next morning!)

Here is a pic of a veggie sandwich I had on Sunday for Lunch and again on Monday for Dinner, it was made with: double fiber wheat bread, tofurkey, sliced mozzarella, tomato, pickle, organic baby greens, Dijon mustard & miracle whip (exactly 1 Tbs= 40 cals).  The sandwich probably has a total of 400-460 cals (depending on the thickness of the cheese sliced!), which I think isn’t bad considering how amazing this sandwich is!

 I decided that Monday would be my cheat day instead of Sunday-my horrendous cheating included part of a burrito, funfetti cupcakes made by my sis  and some of my friends fries from a Mexican restaurant–whoops!!  Any ways, I woke up yesterday and drove my friend back to her house in Coronado (she spent the night on my couch after out night in PB)…My sister Nicole and I decided to stop and get coffee there  and then walked around the beach- even though it was cloudy out…the beach looked amazing!

After the beach, we headed home to do some cooking and hanging out because it started to rain a little- it was a really cozy day to be at home!  By best friend Carrie came over around dinner time and we just hung out and gossiped! 

Overall it was a fun and active long weekend- (my hips/sides and still sore from the Zumba!), and I’m ready for the week ahead!  I’m hanging out with Rain, a little 4 yr old girl I used to babysit for right after work tonight then it’s off to the gym @ 8:00pm- gotta start the four day week out right!


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