Fall Festivities Countdown!

14 Sep

There are 47Days until Halloween.  That means there are 45days until October 29th, the Saturday before Halloween, which will be the night I go out to celebrate.  This ALSO means there are only 38days until my best friend Carrie’s halloween party on the 22nd. So I officially have 38days to whip my ass into insane freakin’ Halloween shape.  Oh AND I’m  going to Vegas on the weekend of October 15th…so damn it…I have 31DAYS to be intense!  *note: I am not planning on stopping my efforts after Halloween, I just happen to be very motivated when I have specific goals  🙂

Why is it important to be in shape for Halloween you ask?  Well if you don’t live in Southern CA or another similarly image obssessed part of the country, then you don’t know that here, Halloween is only about lookin’ fine.  I wish it wasn’t the case….I wish it was more about being scared and excited and spending quality time carving pumpkins.  But here in San Diego, if you’re childless and between the ages of 17-35, you BETTER be looking hott on Halloween.  Or you’re a nerd. Now I’m not saying I agree with the patriarchal objectification of women and their boobs and bootys- but this year, I’d like to participate at least partially, in the ho-fest.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not as if I’ve dressed up as nun in the years past.  I’ve gotten in the ‘look hott’ spirit for the past few years.  I just haven’t FELT that I looked my best.  So this year- lookin’ hotter than Halloweens in the past, (and hopefully hotter yet, soon!) I want to get dressed up and be excited about it! I will pick out the costume that I think is the cutest, not the one that just fits the best. 

If  within the next 31 days you see me eating garbage or sitting on  my ass, slap me across the face. Then punch me in the stomach.

It’s not JUST Halloween I’m preppin’ this bod for!  Fall is the season with the cutest clothes!!!  Clingy cream or brown  sweaters, knee-high boots, tight dark washed jeans.  I’ll be rockin all that stuff like a straight mutha fuckin’ baller. If I work my ass off.  

 Here are some of the tips I’ll be following and some pics of  motivational super hott Fall Fashion!

1. Always eat lilke a FIT bitch and don’t slip up when it’s not Sunday.  Just don’t.  No excuses. This means I’ll have to really plan lunches and breakfasts the night before work!

2. Work out 4-6 times a week.  Don’t flake on this part because it’ll speed up the entire weight loss process!  And who doesn’t want that!?

3. Picture that vegas-esque dress I’ve been wanting to buy anytime I want to eat a burrito!

4. Attend at least 2 work out classes a week- either Zumba, yoga or kick boxing!  These classes take the pace of your work-out out of your hands – which is almost always a good thing!


Loving the multiple shades of brown!

Needing these boots!


Love the dark skinnies!









This photo just gets me excited for fall fashion in general- (Wish San Diego had piles of leaves to jump in!)



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