Vegetarian Chipotle Chili

14 Sep

Last night for dinner and for lunch today I had Vegetarian Chilli.  I got home from work last night and  made a pot of it in under half  an hour! If I had more time and ingredients, I think I’d change a few things but this recipe was really really easy and I found the end result to be healthy and addicting!  My sister also had it for dinner and agreed that it was delish…she found it to be pretty spicy though. I’m going to estimate that a big bowl of this topped with about a 5th of a cup of shredded mexican cheese is about 400-450 calories.

Here is a very rough recipe desricption…if you actually want to make this chilli, I can give you a more detailed recipe- just ask! All of the spice measurements are guesses because I never really measure while I cook, I taste as I go and add things accordingly.

1 small chopped white onion ( I cooked this in a Tbsp of olive oil and added a dash of red pepper flakes and black pepper while they cooked)

1 bag Morningstar veggie ground beef, defrosted

1 15oz can black beans

1 15oz can diced tomatoes + half a can of water

1/4 C organic ketchup

4 cloves of chopped garlic

1 Tbsp cumin

1 Tbsp Chipotle

dash of dried thyme ( measure according to your taste)

dash of salt

In a medium sauce pan cook the onion with red & black pepper over medium heat. Once they are softened, add half of the chopped garlic (2 cloves) and let cook for 1 min or until garlic softens but doesn’t brown.  Add ground beef to the pot, mix with onions & garlic and cook until it browns. Add Ketchup, Chipotle, Cumin, thyme & can of tomatoes- let simmer about 10 minutes so that flavors blend together. Add remaining garlic, salt (if desired), black beans and water if needed.  Let simmer over med/low heat for 5 mins. Taste and add more salt or chipotle if needed  🙂  I added a couple more dashes of chipotle, which I found perfect….if you’re a pussy about spicey food- you might want to avoid this step!  Serve it up with a little cheese on top (or sour cream or diced onions or avacado!) and enjoy!!!!

Leftovers for lunch today

Chowing down last night after work

The soy beef totally looks & tastes like the real thing!


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