This Monday Feels FRESH!

20 Sep

After what felt like a very long weekend of sociallizing, Zumba-ing and the beach, I had a busy and energetic Monday today at work.  Woo Hoo already 1 day down and 4 to go ’til Saturday!  I can’t wait until this weekend, I’m going to Orange county to see my family  and spend some very over due time with old friends!

Here is what this FIT bitch ate today:

~Breakfast was a corn tortilla blackened on the stove top, with 1 Tbsp of  mascarpone, 2 sclices of veggie bacon &  sliced tomato= 220 cals

~Coffee: 1 Venti Iced coffee from Starbucks with 1 splenda and a splash of half & half, probably around 40 cals.

~Lunch was a salad of Arugula, raw cauliflower, dried cranberries, cucumbers, carrots, colby jack cheese & tuscan balsamic vinaiegrette.  I also brought cantelope and strawberries cut up for a snack but ate them with my salad at lunch because I was super  hungry!!!  The salad was probably 300-350 cals and the fruit was prob 120 cals.  Lunch total = 520.

DAILY TOTAL SO FAR: 780, I have about 500-600 left to eat and I’ll have a perfectly healthy day!  🙂



On another exciting note, I am suddenly able to run much farther and with much more ease than I have in years!  I haven’t been able  to throw down a mile without feeling like I’m seconds from death since I was 18!!  I hit the treadmill a few times last week to warm up or cool down witha 1/2 mile.  On Sunday, I ran a mile before Zumba to warm up and felt GREAT…except for 1 thing… 

 I NEED NEW SHOES!  The front of my feet got such terrible blisters I felt like I could barely walk!  Granted, I have been wearing heels and doing alot of Zumba, which puts alot of pressure on the balls of my feet, so this could have all led up to my blistery hell. I shouldn’t blame running.  I’ve been putting my feet through alot of  crap lately!   WARNING – Look away if you have a sensitive stomach!




2 Responses to “This Monday Feels FRESH!”

  1. Grace September 20, 2011 at 2:09 am #

    Did you REALLY have to put the blister pic up

  2. k9sherri September 20, 2011 at 7:49 pm #

    Jeez Jamie, that is horrible. You didn’t think to look before this stage? Crips.

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