Eatin’ Healthy!

21 Sep

I most definitely DID NOT have a FIT Bitch dinner last night!  I was feelin’ a little blue yesterday and when I got home from work,  my sister made some seriously amazing  brown rice spaghetti with garlic, mascarpone & soy beef  marinara sauce.  I over indulged a bit…NOT sticking to the FIT bitch Fall/Halloween eating plan! Oh well.  One slip up shouldn’t get me completely off track!  We walked about 4 miles afterward and ran about 1/2 a mile.  I think this may have made up for the carbo loaded dinner!! 

I love that I’m at this new place where eating a plate of (soy)meaty, cheesy pasta is not a regular thing to do and I feel that I should work out after I do eat it.  About a year ago, I would have eaten this dinner during the week and I wouldn’t have thought twice- it would have just been a delicious dinner.  While the brown rice noodles and protein packed sauce does make the dinner nutritious, the mass amounts of calories and carbs means that this dinner should be saved for special occasions (like right before you get your period…) or be for big Sunday family dinners.

I am eating healthy today and am going for a run afterwork-here’s what’s on the menu:


3/4 C of low fat cottage cheese (150 CALS)

3/4 C cut up cantaloupe (60 CALS)

1 Venti Iced coffee from Starbucks with 1 splenda and a splash of half & half ( 40 cals)




LUNCH will be:

1 corn tortilla sandwich with a slice of mozzarella, 2 slices of veggie bologna, 1 slice of pickle,  arugula and spicy mustard. (215 CALS)

1 CUP (approx) of baby carrots & cucumber dipped in yogurt Jalapeno dip from Costco. (100-140 CALS)

 My Daily total at the end of the work day will be 565-600 CALS, which I think is perfect!  If I get hungry in the afternoon, I have a Fage greek yogurt I might eat which will be 100 additional CALS.


2 Responses to “Eatin’ Healthy!”

  1. Bonnie September 22, 2011 at 1:42 pm #

    How do you survive on so little food? I think I’d faint!!! You are inspiring me to move my butt. Started yoga and walking and thinking about weights…maybe tomorrow.

    • getfitbitches September 22, 2011 at 10:51 pm #

      Dude- I can only survive the work day eating so little food if I make sure I eat lots-o-protein! I ALWAYS have to eat in the morning then I’m usually okay through the day if I keep hydrated. But I cannot NOT eat. Honestly- it has been tough to cut down on the actual amount of food I eat….I think I’m getting used to it though…some days like yesterday and the day before I felt extra hungry (hence the massive pasta feast) because I was PMS’ing. Thank so much for reading! It’s really motivating!! ❤

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