Work-Out Wish List

21 Sep

There are so many great things to do in San Diego that I have what seems like a never-ending list of activities I want to accomplish.  Now that I’m in  ‘get FIT’ mode, I’m starting to whittle my list down beginning with the most physical activities first!  The awesome part of living in such a geographically diverse & large city, is that you can do so many fun things for cheap or FOR FREE!  Here is a short list of just a few of the things I want to be killing my free time with this fall:

Hike Lake Murray– I used to bike and walk this lake all the time when I lived about five minutes away from it. Since I’ve moved to Ocean Beach (about 25 mins away) I haven’t been back.  This makes me sad.  My sister and I used to love going here to exercise and feed the ducks- it’s a little hidden outdoorsy trail along a quaint  lake.  Though the lake seems secluded and calm…it’s only a 1/4 mile outside the hustle and bustle of a packed suburban neighborhood.  There is a path the wraps around the lake but doesn’t quite make a full circle so you have to walk to the end, then walk all the way back.  Each way is about 3.2 miles, so the 6.4 mile hike in total is a pretty great work out!  It’s my goal to be able to run the whole way back by Christmas (thats 3.2 miles or just over a 5K).

Jog Balboa Park– I can’t wait until the weather in SoCal cools down, it makes me want to hit this San Diego landmark immediately!  Balboa park is essentially one of the greatest places to go in San Diego – it has a perfect mix of everything an activity seeking FIT bitch could want! There are secluded dirt paths surrounded by trees that look like they came straight out of the movie Avatar just minutes away from ornate water fountains, amazing museums, a botanical garden and old architectural buildings filled with parties, weddings and charity events.  The holidays only make this place more magical, as the whole park is filled with lights, trees and carols throughout December.  What an awesome free holiday FIT activity to do- jog or walk through the park, I’ll be there!

Paddleboard in Mission Bay– I’ve been kayaking in Mission Bay lately (which is my ultimate favorite thing to do in the world!)  While I’m out kayaking around, I see so many people stand-up paddleboarding and I’ve been wanting to try it for myself! The only thing that’s been stopping me is my fear of falling into the ocean and being torn into bloody pieces by a savage Great White shark… however, I’m starting to realize that if I stay in the bay and don’t go out into the open ocean I will probably be safe…probably. God save my savory,  shark bait residing soul!

Rent a Beach Cruiser in Coronado– Coronado Island is right across from down town San Diego and is one of the most aesthetically beautiful places in the county.  The beaches are clean, the lawns are manicured and the view of downtown  can’t be beat (see below, this is the view you have while biking!).  I rented bikes here about 5 years ago and loved it- I’ve been wanting to go back and do it again ever since. It’s such a fun relaxing place and it’s only ten minutes away!  I layed on the beach here last Sunday and was reminded once again of why I live in sunny San Diego!


3 Responses to “Work-Out Wish List”

  1. Emily Disbrow September 22, 2011 at 5:05 pm #

    Let’s paddleboard sometime soon, ya hoser! And forget about renting a cruiser on Coronado, we’ll just “borrow” a random bike for an hour or two and return it with no harm, no foul. It’ll be glorious!

    • getfitbitches September 22, 2011 at 6:49 pm #

      Your mom is Hoser!!! Paddle boarding now!!!!!

  2. k9sherri September 22, 2011 at 10:56 pm #

    Shark bait for sure

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