Food & Movement = FIT

24 Sep

About 10 months ago I figured out that what you eat affects your weight MORE than your work outs do.  The two combined, are essential for an intense weight loss plan. Both elements need a lot of attention for you to get the body you want.  You cannot just hit the gym, lift some weights and think you’re on the fast track to having Jessica Beil’s ass.  If you’re eating like your a NFL linebacker during hell week, no matter how much you work out- your ass is gonna stay fat.  Maybe you’ll be strong, but I mean really, who wants to be a line backer?

The reason I didn’t call this blog ‘get SKINNY bitches’, is because that’s not what this process is about to me.  YES OF COURSE, I’m motivated by how I’ll look in a pair of jeans and the confidence my new body will give me and  I’m not gonna lie and say this journey is all about being healthy.  But I  honestly care a lot about getting FIT, really changing my whole lifestyle (oh how cliché right?)  I want to look good, but more than that, I want to be able to run, jump, swim and dammit, I want to be able to pole vault if I feel like it.   My ultimate goal is to be sexy FIT, meaning that yes, I want to be thin, but not be a  Skinny Fat-ass.  If I merely starved myself and didn’t work out, I’d totally be skinny fat.  Skinny Fat is a new term that I hear alot of women using these days.  A skinny fat person is a girl who looks skinny but has no muscle or stamina.  She fits into tiny little dresses but has floppy arms and can barely lift a case of water from the grocery store- she’s not FIT, just skinny.

I’m seriously um-impressed by twigs with no muscle .  So yes, maybe you consume fewer calories than other people but you’re saggy and pale because your body lacks nutrients.  If  you can wear a size 2 but you  lay on the couch watching re-runs of Maury all day – this does not make you a FIT bitch.  Of course there’s nothing wrong with people who are naturally skinny, but it’s not what I’m striving for. To me, FIT means athletic, energetic AND hott.  This means that I must work out and eat great.  If I only do one of these, I’ll either be a line backer, or be skinny fat.  Goddammit., this is ain't no skinny fat bitch


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