29 Sep



So I’m so busy in life and at work today that I haven’t had time to post…Here’s a quick FIT update! 🙂


For dinner last night, I went to my friend Anastasia’s house with a few girlfriends and my sister.  Anastasia made a great salad, it was baby greens, shredded cheese, tomatoes, almonds, cranberries & ranch.  Tortilla chips on  the side (14 chips to be exact!)


Then I was tempted by the carrot cake cupcakes Nicole (my sis) brought!  Oh well 1 is about 350 CALS…not too bad, as I had kept my daily intake pretty low yeserday.

Today for lunch I went to The Livingroom and had the most amazing sandwich & salad combo…The sandwich was tomato, mozzarella and spinach…AMAZING!


Tonight right after work i’m going to a bar/restaurant called Starlight to meet meet a friend for a drink.  I plan on having 1 drink ONLY as I want to hit the gym later.  Let’s see if I can muster up the motivation to get to the gym after an extremely stressful day and a cocktail!!!! 



Also- Check out these awesome photos from YAHOO.  Pretty cool stuff about celebrity dudes gettin’ FIT!  I’ll call them FIT bastards!

It’s refreshing to see MEN changing their image in hollywood instead of women for once!



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