Training for Life

29 Sep

So despite all my self-doubt I ACTUALLY went on jog/walk last night after an incredibly stressful, long day at work and after getting drinks with friends!  I can’t believe it!

 I finally got home around 8:20pm last night and was totally exhausted!  I ALMOST dropped my ass on the couch for a night of glorious reality  tv (I love Bravo!)  But instead, I weighed my priorities and chose to stay on my path of getting FIT.  I clocked 3.9 miles last night ( I know becasue I used it, you’ll love it!) I ran about a 1/3 of the time.  I kept jogging then walking, jogging then walking…and I kept getting the WORST side cramp on my right side.  I get this cramp every time I run, about a 1/4 mile into running and it’s really intense!  It doesn’t matter how hydrated I am, how long I run after eating, whether I’ve warmed up or not..I get this cramp everytime I run!  Any one have any advice on how I can prevent this?!

 Skipping a work out now and then is totally ok- but that can’t become a regular thing-  it has to be an exception.  Our bodies can be shaped and changed, but we have to work on changing them-then they will adapt to what they are used to doing.  If we sit around 100% of the time that’s what are bodies will be comfortable doing and they will stay exactly the way they are.   So I should  do more working on my body and less sitting around in it if I want to see something change right?  Well that’s what I’m working on people, and I’m sticking to it!  As with everything that’s worth it in life…these things take time and I’ve finally become okay with accepting that I won’t have the body I want overnight.  I have to build the body I want, at this point in life, I have to earn it.

Pushing myself and being dedicated to being physical is something that is fairly new to me.  I really value being comfortable and cozy & relaxing at the end of a hard day.  6 months ago, after a day like yesterday, I would have thought  “I should really just relax-I had SUCH a busy day…I’ll work out tomorrow…”  Then I would have lit some cute scented candles, put on my sweats and read magazines while lounging in front of the TV.  Now don’t get my wrong, the night I just explained will still happen, especially now that the weather is cooling down…I mean could it be more cozy? But going on run  or to the gym before I bunker down for a fall night, will make me enjoy the coziness so much more! 

 I really feel that when we’re active it makes our minds and bodies feel better all the time, even when we’re at rest.  You can almost compare  regular work-outs  to training for a triathlon or for an athletic event. Obviously regular working out is not as intense as training for something specific but in reality,  you’re just training your body for life.  Sure, I don’t have to be able to run 26.2 miles in 3 hours, but I need my legs to feel strong and flexible when I hike down a cliff to go the beach.  I need my stomach and ass to look good when I get dressed to go out on the weekend.  I need to have energy in the morning.   You can train your body to be ready for these things! I will now always think of myself as being in training mode. I’m not just working out for the heck of it!  I’m training to be comfortable, healthy and pretty! I know what kind of person I want to be for the rest of my life, an active, happy, busy, energetic one!

I’m training to be the best me!


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