FIT gets easier!

3 Oct

As I keep truckin’ away on my journey to FITness, some days are wonderful and some days are hard.  Now that I’m into a routine and am developing healthy habits, my hard days don’t feel nearly as hard as they used to.  I definitely have the eating healthy thing under control.  I don’t have any issues viewing food in healthy way, as fuel, and am still a total foodie!  I don’t feel like a ravenous pizza and burrito crazed beast anymore (except for 1 or 2 days a month….but  what woman doesn’t have 1 or two days like that??)   The working out part is also becoming part of my life  in a very real way.  I’m committed to keeping active not only for my body but also for my mind.  I look forward to the gym or a hike now, though there are  some days when I feel exhausted and still  need to give myself an extra push!  But it’s not like a chore that I dread, it’s just a part of life that takes more energy and commitment than something totally easy like shopping.

It feels good to experience how much easier this weight loss thing becomes, the longer I stick with it!  I would hate if  passing on the side of fries never got easier or if it always felt like a huge daunting task to work our for more than 1/2 an hour.  But I promise, the more you stick with it, the less this whole process feels like work.  It becomes part of  who you are.  If you’re reading this and feel like you want to start becoming a FIT bitch too, know that it really freakin’ blows for everyone in the beginning!  But it gets easier and dare I say…it even becomes enjoyable after a while.  If you can commit to eating a little bit less and  making yourself work out a few times a week for 2 and a half – 3 months….It won’t be so hard after that.  I swear!

Today for Breakfast I had:

1 Venti iced coffee with 1/2 a Splenda and a splash of half and half (40 CALS)

Starbucks Veggie & Egg Sandwich (350 CALS)

Pretty sure that as it cools down here I'll start switching back to hot coffee...because though it's not as's cheaper!


Yeah I jacked this photo from Starbucks.... This sandwich is pretty delicious and has 17g of protein!


For Lunch today I’ll have:

Baby greens with cubed roasted paprika tofu, cucumber, tomato & roasted garlic cloves


Topping a salad with roasted garlic is AMAZING!


I’ll be heading to the gym right after work and will have a cup of low-fat cottage cheese @ about 4:00pm for a protein & energy boost! I’m aiming to eat 1200-1400 CALS a day, which is the perfect range for optimal, healthy weight loss!  Some days I eat more if I’m feeling really hungry, and some days I eat less.  It’s become a fun sort of balancing act.

Tonight will be intense cardio! I plan on doing the elliptical, treadmill & Stairmaster!  I also want to work on Chest & abs!   🙂



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