6 Oct

I’ve worked out Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night after work this week- what a mf’ing baller I’m becoming! 

On Tuesday night, I did a Zumba class @ Chuze fitness with a new teacher  (I usually take the Sunday or Thursday class which is mostly hip-hop moves and have never taken the this class before).  This new teacher SUCKED!  I will not be taking  one of her classes again, well maybe if I’m really bored I will…but her class was 95% salsa & rumba music and she had absolutely no energy.  I was literally yawning through class and rolling my eyes over how many times she made us spin around. The one thing that  prevented me from running to the front  of the classroom and back-handing her, was that she was in the Halloween spirit!  At the end of the class, the classic Halloween inspired tune of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller‘ started playing on the speakers.  I was so excited!  She taught us the whole Thriller dance and it was SO much fun! Everyone through the gym could hear the music and ran over to watch the class get down to some creepy old school MJ…RIP dude.  I felt very Halloween-ish! 

Though I’m steadily getting my ass to the gym, I feel like I need to be working out harder.  I’m definitely getting my sweat on every time I go,  I’m running, then lifting or circuit training, then ellipticalling…but I want to really push myself to the next level!  I want to feel like I just fought off an angry, Elizabeth Hasselback-esque sea monster while running a marathon!  I want to literally be drenched in sweat! You know that euphoric, exhausted, endorphin filled feeling you have after a really intense work out!? I think I need to feel that more often to see the results I’m looking for!

I think I could attain this type of intensity from running, but I’m still having major problems with my side cramp pain!  My right side got so  cramped during my run last week, it begins hurting in the very same spot, even when I’m just walking quickly now!  I have no idea what to do…I mean it seriously hurts!  Rather than run I’ve been doing the Stairmaster or elliptical this week- but I’d really like to become a better runner so this side issue is really bumming me out!!

 I’m really going to push myself this next week!  I will be going to Vegas on the 14th so the next 7 days need to be insane!  Not just so I look better, but so so I FEEL like I look better and so I’ll be in a happy & energetic mood for my vacation!

Here are some sweet pictures I jacked from the internet to inspire all of FIT bitches to get our asses moving!


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