A Semi-FIT Canadian Thanksgiving weekend

10 Oct

Ahhhhh….Here we are, another Monday! Only this Monday feels exciting and glorious because I have 4 day week, then it’s off to Las Vegas!  WOO HOOO!!  I’ve  literally been singing ‘Viva Las Vegas, Viva Las Vegas’ in my head all morning!  It’s just gonna be, Grace, Anastasia and I!  My first girls trip to Vegas ever!  I can’t wait!  I’m going to enjoy this trip more than any Vegas trip I’ve ever had before because I’m a much FITTER bitch than I’ve ever been before!  I have 2 super cute dresses to wear when I’m there (pictures coming tomorrow), fake eyelashes ready to go and a bottle of spray tan just waitin’ to glaze my pale white skin in all it’s Jersey Shore glory! 

The last 2 weeks, I really stepped my game up and worked my ass off  in the gym, and actually in the past three weeks I lost 5 more pounds! I was so happy! Pushing myself harder in the gym is actually paying off!  I know 5 pounds in three weeks might sounds slow to some people- but I’m really trying to do  this the healthy way! I never starve myself or deny myself special indulgences (see below for proof of that shit!).

I worked out this weekend while up in Orange County for Canadian Thanksgiving with my family.  The reason for the title of this blog today is because I ate REALLY horribly on Saturday- I did NOT follow a FIT bitch eating plan!  But I mean it was Thanksgiving!  I HAD to be a beast!  Hahahahah!!!  To give myself (and my sister) and little credit, we worked out before dinner and really intensely the morning after! Here are some pics!


Grilled vegetarian chicken patti, roasted potatoes, and cornbread stuffing!

My plate with the addition of vegetarian gravy and a roll. Freakin' carb fest!




Even Brad gets down with some vegetarian gravy


Red Velvet..the only cake I really like! Totally worth the calories...I'm sure it had like 500-600.

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