T-minus 4 Day Until Vegas!

10 Oct

Dude…It’s crunch time!!!  THIS WEEK I’ll be in Vegas sportin’ a little short dress!  I wish I could be one of those psychotic type of hoes that’ll  eat nothing but spinach and almonds for the next four days,  But alas, I think I’m fairly psychologically sound and will therefore continue  to sustain myself with normal, healthy amounts of food.  Damn my normal upbringing and parents for instilling a  healthy body-image in me! 

Though I admit, there’s a lot that’s unhealthy about being overweight –  I feel like starving myself to be thin would be 100 times worse and 10,000 times more disturbing.  I don’t know why I feel this way, maybe I just want to be able to know in my heart that I did this the right way.  I didn’t use any tricks or shortcuts,  I didn’t starve myself or do some crazy Atkins plan.  I’m really just eating smaller portions, eating more fruit & veggies and working out really really hard! This is the only way to become a FIT bitch in my mind. 

I certainly believe in working out like a beastly monster to burn shit tons of calories (not 7 days a week…but maybe 5 or 6). I also believe in restricting your caloric intake when  you feel you’ve over done it the day before. But true FIT bitches know that there’s nothing sexy about a neurotic, scale obsessed twig.  There needs to be a healthy balance of making the right choices but not becoming a food Nazi.  I think most people are trying to find this balance so they don’t have to be a crazy ass before big events in life.

*Oh and on a side note– if you know  a guy who wants you to be eating nothing but celery and ice chips- you should kick him in the balls while simultaneously scalping him. I saw a creep  at the gym yesterday encouraging his girlfriend to run for longer on the treadmill then do at least 200 crunches.   I swear to god, the girl must have weighed 90 pounds and her spine was sticking out of her back like an inch!  FIT bitch is not a race to see who become a skeleton the quickest, it’s a blog about being at a healthy, active weight that you feel sexy at!  

Dude I’m working really hard.  It has not been easy to lose 40 pounds while still socializing, eating out with friends, traveling, enjoying a few alcoholic beverages and being relaxed about it all.  It hasn’t been super hard either.  But it was work.  Work that I know I’ll be really proud of once I accomplish my goal!  This is the first time I’m feeling good about myself when going on vacation in YEARS!  Honestly I think it’s been like 6 years since I felt stoked about my image when going on vacation. I can only imagine how good I’ll feel when I go back to Vegas next summer!!

So for this week I’m gonna go a little crazy with my work outs. It’s all about balance. Well truthfully, this week it’s also about my navy blue bandage dress.   🙂




Breakfast this morning, an egg McMuffin without bacon & a large coffee with cream and 1 splenda. + 2 Ketchup packets....mmm..condiments...


LUNCH WAS: a mozzarella pesto sandwich on soft pita bread and a side romaine salad with lemon vinaigrette from the Livingroom!



2 Responses to “T-minus 4 Day Until Vegas!”

  1. Rachel Benjamin October 11, 2011 at 2:10 am #

    I LOVE you Jame! Thank you for being & speaking every bit of what I think, want & need to be!!

    • getfitbitches October 11, 2011 at 8:28 pm #

      Thanks Rach!! It keeps me motivated to know you’re reading! 🙂

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