17 Oct

What happens is Vegas in supposed to stay there right?  Well that’s true unless you’re a FITness blogger who wants to report on what they ate!!  I’m not ashamed to admit I strayed from the FIT eating plan… I strayed a lot- I mean I was in the land of excess, when in Rome…right…? Right?  But I’m happy to report I didn’t gain a single pound, which is probably due to the mass amounts of booty shaking I partook in.  I’m back to real life today and  I’m ready to keep truckin’ away! I’ve got 25 more pounds to lose before I’m where I want to be, and you better believe I’m not giving up!  I’m more motivated than ever.  I heard that this is what happens when you actually start to see results!!  🙂

I spent the last 3 days partying like nobody’s business! Needless to say,  PLENTY of drinking took place, but I’m happy to report I stuck to my FIT bitch drink choices.  I had Vodka Soda the whole trip (except for one afternoon- I had a blended Pina Colada while out at the pool…oh um a freakin’ $17 Pina Colada by the way!).

Trying to enjoy every last sip of this $17.00 drink!!!!

Here’s what I ate:


9:00am @ Il Fornaio inside the NYNY hotel- a fancy italian 4 cheese omelette (complete with gorgonzola…so good) with breakfast potatoes & a slice of toast made from amazing crusty italian bread + 2 cups of coffee

6:00pm @ a random pizza spot in the NYNY hotel- a slice of NY style cheese pizza and a side garden salad w/ italian dressing. Honestly this salad had SO MUCH cheese on it, it was almost like eating a bowl of cheese- not that I was complaining, but in order for this to be honest I think you should know it was NOT a healthy salad AT ALL.


4:00am @ America restaurant in the NYNY hotel- 2 diet cokes and an order of nachos… I know I’m horrible! But after dancing all night and wandering around vegas…I needed some fuel…some sour cream-y, salsa-y, olive-y, chees-y fuel!  🙂  I only ate about a 1/4 of  the order (about 15 nachos) because they weren’t that great and I was sober enough to know I should hold back from having an all out mexican feast.

11:00am (after 5 hours of sleep) we ordered room service- 2 scrambled eggs, 2 pieces of rye toast w/ butter, hash browns and 2 cups of coffee. This was really delicious, I’m not usually a fan of scrambled eggs but these were the best I’ve had and made even better by the addition of mucho hot sauce!

4:00pm @ Wichcraft in the MGM hotel- 1/2 a Sicilian tuna sandwich, I was really hungry and didn’t care too much about what I ordered so my friend and I split this $11 lunch.  It was tuna salad filled with capers & onions topped with kalamata olive spread, fresh fennel and slices of whole lemon (they were cut as thin as paper so you could eat all them peel & all!) + 1/2 a vanilla cookie.

9:00pm @ 9 Fine Irish Men- 1/2 an order of Fish and chips (split with Grace)


8:45am @ Burger King in the Las Vegas international airport- An egg & cheese croissandwhich + hash browns & a diet coke. This was an extremely greasy breakfast but was just what I needed.


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