Eating FIT When Life Gets Busy!

19 Oct

I woke up today to realize, that despite the fact that my car’s battery died and  I had to get a jump last night…My lovely car was dead once again. So I got yet another jump from a very kind neighbor and drove my ass to the Nissan dealership where I got a new car battery.  Ohhhh boyyyyy don’t we all just LOVE these unavoidable life issues that always seem to happen at the most inconvenient of times? Just a completely fabulous way start to my morning!

Eating like a FIT bitch is not easy when your running around San Diego trying fix your car, schedule meetings and not miss half a day of work! I didn’t pack my food last night like I normally do and didn’t have time this morning so I got breakfast from a gas station! Do you have any idea how awesome it would have been to hit a drive through for lunch? But I decided that the grocery store would be better for my wallet and my waist! I know everything below is totally processed! But I also ate a few raspberries as a snack that were in the fridge at work from yesterday, so there was at least something fresh!


From a gas station @ 8:00am 

This canned Double Shot tasted okay, and the sugar content was actually pretty good (probably because it was filled with Splenda...but it did the caffeine trick!)

240 cals, 10g of protein and WAY too much sugar, but this Clif Bar was the best thing I could find in the gas station!

                                                    Lunch from Vons.

Mini Rigatoni in a vodka cream sauce- this was a Smart Ones, Weight Watchers frozen meal. Pretty good, 290 cals.



Total Calories for the day:

700, not so bad for all drive by, packaged meals!

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