Battle Holiday Induced Bulge!

24 Oct

This morning I came up with the greatest idea ever.  Let’s be honest, the holidays are right around the corner and since I’m unhealth-ily obsessed with Christmas, I’ll do anything I can to get the season here quicker! 

My family and I are completely in love with the peppermint mochas that come around during the holidays @ Starbucks. My dad starts ordering those suckers in September.  As soon as it’s Fall, my family gets in the spirit!  I personally love a good Pepp Mocha, but it is certainly NOT a FIT bitch beverage choice.  Even if you get a fat-free mocha, there has to be at least 40g of sugar in one of those.  So I think it’s best if I let myself order those only during the week leading up to Christmas- they’re not the sort of thing a girl should be drinking regularly. I REALLY want some Christmas in a cup, but I don’t want to drinks tons of sugar just because it’s the holidays!! (I do not care that it’s not even Halloween yet!) What’s a Christmas obsessed FIT bitch to do?  Today my fellow FIT hoes,  I solved this problem! 

photo from

I walked into the Livingroom Cafe, which is right next door to my office, and ordered a coffee but asked to add  a 1/2 pump of peppermint syrup.  I made certain to watch the barista as she added the syrup to make sure I didn’t end up with diabetes in a cup.  It was almost a tablespoon worth of peppermint syrup and then regular old coffee.  I thought that this might be too minty or too sweet, but it was perfect! My coffee has just the right hint of the holidays and none of the whipceam-y guilt!  This is so great! You could do  this with any favorite flavored beverage, pumpkin spice, vanilla or hazelnut… just add a little cream so blend the flavors nicely and your set!

Half awake, drinking the most glorious thing I've ever thought of.

I’m guessing the syrup was about  30-40 calories, then I also added some cream.  My entire drink was a maximum of 80 calories.  How amazing is that!?!   I get to have a slightly minty, very caffeinated, delicious holiday-esque beverage and won’t slip into a diabetic coma later today! Jack-pot!

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