I Love Getting FIT!

25 Oct

Today I feel really happy that I made the decision  to get FIT 6 months ago.  And I’m even happier that I stuck with that decision. 

 You have no idea how many times I tried to lose weight and always ended up failing and feeling like it was hopeless. When you feel like you have at least 50 pounds to lose…that does NOT feel like a manageable task.  It felt like the most impossible thing in the world.  Just imagine how difficult that seems…you hear people talk about wanting to get off 5 or 10 pounds and say it’s a struggle.   I was positive it would never happen.

 I almost got to the point where I felt like I had to accept that I was never going to feel comfortable in my body.  I was about to throw in the towel and accept my fate as that cliché chubby girl who’s always drinking a Slilmfast or claiming to be on the Zone diet.  But thank god I decided to fight through the hard part of losing weight (I think the first 3-4 months take a lot of commitment, they were tough and I fell off the wagon many times!).  Just this weekend, I felt like I’ve arrived at a really good place where I know I’ll stick with being healthy, working out and being FIT.

I’m not scared of putting any weight back on, I am happier eating my FIT bitch foods than scarfing down three pieces of lasagna.  I won’t go back to my old eating habits because I really love the way I feel these days, being FIT  is going from a hobby to being part of who I am.  I have so much control over  my body and how I feel.  It’s wonderful to be able to be really selective about what I eat and when.  I won’t just settle for any junky food or sugary bull shit.  I eat good, quality food and in turn, I feel energetic and my body is looking better everyday.  I can treat myself in a smart way (this sunday I had Wahoo’s tacos for lunch and a slice of Bronx white pizza for dinner!), I’m not extreme. I’m balanced. Dude…it took so long. But I’m finally here and I happier  than I can express!

Today Breakfast was 1/2 of a peanut butter, Perfect Foods bar and 3/4 Cup of plain, non-fat yogurt.

I finished the other half of the bar around 11:00am while working @ my desk….I’m not usually a fan of ‘bars’ as meals…I’d much rather have real food, but I’ve been on so busy AND on a budget lately so these healthy grab and go foods are lifesavers!

Mmmm these healthy bars are local and really keep you full! 306 CALS + 18 g of protein!

My sister a bunch of boxes of these for free from a friend...that means jackpot for me!


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