5 FIT Bitch Must Haves, III

26 Oct

1. Nice, manicured Nails– Don’t laugh. I’m Serious! If you’re just starting out on this FIT journey, painting your nails is a great thing to do in the evening OTHER than snack while you sit in front of TV.  Of course we all know you’ll be working out after work during the week…but what do you do after that?  Your nails of course…  🙂  Oh and  don’t forget how much  hotter your hands will look gripping those ten pound weights, water bottles and protein bars!

2. Clothes that don’t fit yet– I used to think buying clothes that were too small for you was a horrible idea that would just make you feel like a failure when you never actually fit into them.  I now think it’s fun to have one or two items that are a too small so you can actually see how you’re progressing each month.  I have some clothes that I bought YEARS ago thinking I would eventually fit into them.  As of last week some of those same items of clothes are too big!  One item in particular is a white blazer my mom bought me when I first started my job.  The blazed was really small when I bought it, the arms were tight and the buttons wouldn’t button.  I am happy to say that when I tried that blazer on last week it was too big!  Sometimes it’s hard to really see your own body and how it’s changing, but clothes don’t lie!!!


3. Water– Chug that shit.

4. Support– The support I’ve received from all my friends and family has been overwhelming.  I used to underestimate how valuable words of encouragement were, until I started receiving them.  It really pushes me to stick to my journey when friends comment on how great I’m looking or how this blog has inspired them to start working out more!  This support has only been possible because I’ve talked to openly about what a struggle this has been.  There’s no need to be a lone ranger, talk to your friends about what you want to change, if they’re good friends, they’ll be there to support you the whole way!

5.  Patience  – I am not FIT yet.  I’m on my way to BECOMING a FIT bitch.  I have to stick to this.  No matter how slowly things progress I HAVE to stick to my plan.  If I give up I’ll never be FIT, but if I stick with this, I’ll actually become FIT, reach my weight-loss goals and look fuckin’ hott.  If you give up because it doesn’t happen over night, THEN IT’S NEVER GONNA HAPPEN. People say anything that’s worth having is worth waiting for.  I have to give my body time to recover from the years of sedentary hell I put it through! I didn’t gain weight in just a couple of months and I can’t expect to lose it that quickly.  I told myself I had a year to make real progress- even though that might seem like a long ass time to stick to something…you know it’ll pay off! Time keeps passing whether you change or not, so just do something, anything while the year passes on! I’ll be patiently working my ass off until my new body is ready!

2 Responses to “5 FIT Bitch Must Haves, III”

  1. Candice October 26, 2011 at 11:19 pm #

    LOVE these tips! I’m a new reader to your blog and also trying to get fit…it’s really great to hear about your progress and your realization that it takes time to make healthy living happen! Patience really is key.

    • getfitbitches October 26, 2011 at 11:47 pm #

      Hi Candice! Thanks for reading it’s a great motivator! 🙂

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