27 Oct

This is the FIT bitch mantra this Fall! So true!

 I just joined Pinterest  (if you don’t know what it is…join NOW… and it’s so fun! It’s a site where you can collect photos, quotes, recipes and lots of cute things on electronic pin boards.  I joined because I read a few blogs that have suggested it for decorating and photography ideas. 

I never thought the best thing about Pinterest would be the fitness section!  I browsed around yesterday and was completely stoked about all the awesome inspirational pins they have going on .  I’m not exactly sure how to give the appropriate credit for all the sweet shit I found but ’em check out – I’m sure i’ll find a ton more but these are a couple of my faves for now  🙂   Seriously I love these. LOVE THEM! I’m gonna be sure to include a few of these jems on FIT bitch every week!

If this doesn't make you do squats....nothing will.

This is the most basic idea but is the root of getting FIT!It's all about priorities...I'll be thinking of this idea next time I 'need' chips and salsa!


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