Sushi Deli, San Diego

28 Oct

Last night I went to a sushi bar down town to celebrate my friend Grace’s b-day, and I finally got to see what all the fuss over this place is about!  Since I  moved to San Diego, I’ve been hearing about how awesome, fun, delicious and cheap Sushi Deli is.  Last night my friends I scarfed tons of raw fish, edamame, $1 beers and way too much sake!  This place did not disappoint, it totally lived up to the hype!

When we arrived around 7:30pm, there was an hour wait for a table so we headed to the bar grab a drink while the rest of our friends arrived.  The birthday girl ordered a large Sapporo and a small sake and it was only $5.00! How crazy is that!?  Also, how crazy is it that Bud light is always $.99 a pint?  Yeah I know, Bud Light is hardly a nice, refined,craft beer–but when your on a budget… I mean that shit’s cheaper than a diet coke!  When we got our table, our group of seven started with some spicy garlic edamame followed by a delicious green salad for me, gyoza for Grace,  lots of specialty sushi all around and numerous additional rounds of $1 beer and sake

Here are some pics from our birthday sushi extravaganza!

Grace, Emily and I, waiting at the bar for our table...

This was a piece of Grace’s Anza roll! So good- check out the spicy tuna on top!
What I ate last night:
~A handful or so of garlic, soy covered edamame
~A small green salad (below) with miso dressing
~A Mexican cut roll- spicey tuna, avocado and cilantro. This was delicious!
(Of course my sushi was dipped in soy and wasabi)
~Two Bud Lights + 2 Sake shots
My best guess on calories….800 at least.
No worries, I’m back on the wagon today and ready to kick ass in the gym all weekend!

My favorite part of going out for sushi is the salad that's always topped with either ginger or miso dressing! Plus I LOVE eating salad with chopsticks!


mmmmm...water-y Bud light!

Carnage. We demolished everything on the table!

2 Responses to “Sushi Deli, San Diego”

  1. aliker david martin October 28, 2011 at 1:06 pm #

    Hey Jamie, my first Sushi experience last night was awesome. I still have to figure out how to handle the chop stick; that summary lesson could only help me halfway thru my meal.Happy Birthday grace!

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