A Crazy Week

31 Oct

I’m so busy today I’m actually leaving work a few hours early so I can get a ll my ‘life’ stuff done!

Today I need to:

Go to court to make the last payment on my speeding ticket and ask for a traffic school extension

Go to the DMV to switch my car into my name instead of my dad’s

Stop off at Nicole’s work to have her sign a deposit relinquishment form

Stop by my new roommates house to give her a key

Clean the shit out of my sisters bathroom in preparation for said roommate to move in tomorrow!

Go to the gym (it’s been days since I’ve been!  So bad!)

Oh yeah ummm work…from 8-5! (well 8-3 today because my boss is letting me leave to go to the DMV!)



1 large coffee with 2 creams and 1 splenda from McDonalds

1 Perfect Bar (almond instead of peanut- bleh! I hate almond butter!)

Tons of water

A veggie sandwich from Windmill Farms Grocery.  Such a deal!  A huge sandwich packed with tons of veggies, cheese and avocado- all for only $3.99!!!


Yeah that's right- eating, driving and taking pics! This is me eating 1/2 my sandwich on the way back from court!

Eating the other 1/2 at my desk!



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