One Spicy Lunch!

2 Nov
For lunch at work today I had a salad, a diet coke and a mini organic gala apple. So light, satisfying and SPICY!

Grace hooked it up with A DCG! (diet coke glory if you don't know!)

"homemade" Sriracha dressing. Take a 1/2 empty bottle of Eating Right ranch (45cals per 2 Tbspn) and add a HUGE squirt of Sriracha then shake! Spicy and delicious!! I add this to salads, rice, cooked veggies, in tacos or even as a dip!

A very simple salad: Organic arugula, steamed lentils and sliced almonds.

 To have as a snack before my crazy work-out tonight, I brought about 10 reduced guilt wheat crackers (like Triscuits, only they’re from Trader Joes) and will dip ’em in some cream cheese.

Also I’m continuing to chug water all day- and I’m using a red, beer pong cup today. Festive.


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