Food. It’s Good Dude.

3 Nov

Who doesn’t like to eat?  I ever meet anyone who says something ridiculous like, “I don’t really care about food, I’m just not into eating”  I’ll know I’m looking into the face of a demented psycho.  There’s something warm, nostalgic and innocent about sharing food and going out to eat.  I think it’s a really important part of life and I think too many women hold themselves back from enjoying it- all  in the name of being skinny.

 I read an article about Sheryl Crow in a Shape magazine at least 6 years ago and I still think about what she said to this day. Sheryl said something along the lines of “Yeah we have all this wonderful food at craft services back stage but I’m not someone who cares much about food – I don’t have a lot  interest in eating”  (this is not an exact quote it was something like that). Okay, I get the fact that Sheryl Crow is ripped and that she needs to keep her body in tip-top shape as a performer.  But I feel like having such a “food is fuel” view makes people miss out on a whole fun and interesting part of life.  Food can and will make you gain weight if you eat too much.  But it can also bring so much depth and variety to your daily life.

On my journey to become FIT, food has been a major player. I’ve had to cut back, scale down, limit and change a lot!  However, no matter how health conscious I become, I just won’t be one of those women who only  order grilled salmon, plain salad and lemon water at a restaurant.  I think food, spices and cooking are a beautiful part of life that people  think they have to give up on when they want to lose weight.  Well if that was the case- I wouldn’t have lost any weight.  I love food.  I love being taken out to dinner and trying new things.  I love shopping for food and talking about food.  All of my friends do to.  Learning how to balance my culinary passion with my new love of FITness has been a really fun and rewarding challenge.

I think the thing I’m most proud of in relation to my weight loss, is that I never did anything extreme or unhealthy.  I don’t skip meals.  I don’t exist on protein shakes. I’d never take a diet pill.  I eat carbs. I go to dinner with my family and order whatever I feel like on a special occasion.  I can order what ever I want and can always take half of it home or eat a little leaner the next day. There are just too many interesting and great things out there for me to be happy eating a dry side salad.  I’m a foodie and I always will be.  But seriously I never wanted to be a chubby foodie.  That’s just too obvious and almost a little redundant.  Also, it’s not hott.

What is hott, is a girl who can go out drinking with her girlfriends, eat a  California burrito @ 2:00am, then wake up the next morning and go on a 10 mile run like my friend Ursula.   Ursula is in wicked shape and eats a really healthy, balanced and unrestrictive diet.  I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to see a FIT person enjoying what she wants in moderation. That is what FIT is about.  I refuse live my life on Atkins or  Weight watchers. 

These bad boys are avocado eggrolls. They're amazing and CAN be part of a healthy, FIT bitch life. It's all about moderation.

I want to get all the credit for my success- so I did everything myself and didn’t get psycho. I haven’t changed who I am.  I’ve just figured out how to balance what I want vs what I shouldn’t have vs what I need.  You better believe I’m still dipping my pizza in ranch, but I’m only gonna have 1 slice (maybe two…) instead of three!

In all honesty, my daily eating habits have gotten a little more boring.  I now eat oatmeal,cottage cheese or Perfect Bar for breakfast. This is much less fun that eating an egg and cheese burrito doused in hott sauce from a Mexican drive thru. But in a way, it’s better.  Now that I don’t constantly eat whatever sounds awesome in the moment- I enjoy the times I do allow myself to indulge a thousand times more than I did in the past. I pick foods based on how they’ll make me feel and this has given me a whole new appreciation for how simple my needs really are.  I know that health is more important than cravings and that enjoying life is more important than being a twig.  I think it’s a pretty good little  system.

Food is the shit.  Everyone likes it.  So enjoy it- all the time and in fun and new ways.  Just don’t be a beast about it and you should be okay.






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