Diet Preparation

9 Nov

I’ve been trying to be super DUPER healthy this week.  Like way healthier than I normally try to be.  Is this because I’m in some great FIT bitch rhythm??  Well maybe, I have been working out really hard too. But that’s not it.  It’s actually because I’m going to New York tomorrow and I know that when I’m there, the  shit is gonna hit the fan.  Well actually the pizza is gonna hit the fan. 

You better believe your sweet FIT ass that I’m gonna try New York Pizza, a New York bagel, and numerous other ‘New York’ things….A frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity perhaps….??  There’s no way in hell I’m going to NYC and eating goddamn oatmeal the whole time. HOWEVER, I REFUSE to gain weight on this trip.  So I’ll be working out! How does a Fall run through Central Park sound?  Let’s see if I can get my ass up three hours earlier than usual in the freezing cold to do that!  I WILL, I swear to myself… I will.  And if it’s raining, my fingers are crossed that my dad’s rental has a gym!

Here’s what I’ve been scarfing lately:



BREAKFAST: Plain Oatmeal with half of  a banana mixed in & 2 cups of coffee

LUNCH: Brown rice with arugula, dill and chili flakes. 4 slices of baked Sriracha tofu.

I also ate some Trader Joes Tahini sauce with my rice

 More Tues LUNCH: Water and an apple

Last night before the gym I ate a Peanut Perfect Bar and when I got home around 7:30pm I ate little more brown rice and of course, drank lots of water. 



BREAKFAST: Plain oatmeal with half a banana and sliced almonds. 2 cups of coffee from home

LUNCH: More arugula & brown rice from yesterday, only today I mixed in some steamed lentils to bulk up the fiber and protein. 3 slices of left over Sriracha tofu, which I’ll eat with Trader Joes tahini sauce again  🙂


SNACK: I’ll eat a pear this afternoon

DINNER: No idea!! Something at my parents house!


I promise to post lots of great food pics while I’m in the big apple!!  🙂  I’ll be a FIT bitch in the City!


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