I Love New York

14 Nov

I haven’t  blogged in a few days because I was on a my NYC vacation- and I’m pretty sure it was the greatest trip I’ve ever taken!  I absolutely loved the city and had an amazing time exploring it with my dad and brother.   I love it so much I wish I could give you every fun, exciting detail about it- but I’d be here for hours.  SO in the interest of keeping things succinct, I’m going to give a very FIT bitch focused summary of my trip.  And by this, I mean I’ll explain what I ate and how I moved.  I have hundreds of food pics and will highlight really amazing specific meals and or food items in their own blog entries in the coming weeks!

DAY 1 – Thursday, I arrived in NYC @ approximately 9:00pm

A driver picked us up from the airport and dropped us off at the Marriot Marquis in Times Square (ballin’!) where we met my Dad and decided to roam around and sight see!  We saw Times Square, the subway, my Dad’s apartment and a cool local pub.

We were starving a walked for miles looking for the perfect NY pizzeria.  We stopped at Luigi’s and it was perfect! Exactly what I was hoping for…the pizza was thin, crispy, and cheesy and jam packed with flavor. New York really does do pizza right.  When other places try to emulate this thin crust they always seem to mess up the pizza to sauce to cheese ratio.  Luigi’s was spot on!  It was heavenly!

Total walking- 3 hours

DAY 2 – Friday, the busy day

Woke up and took the subway to Murray’s Bagels in Chelsea. They were incredible and just as good as I hoped a New York Bagel would be!  Then we walked to the Chelsea Market (a place I’ve been wanting to see for 10 years!), several parks and farmers markets, saw the Veterans Day parade, and went to the Macy’s on 34th!

Next, yes there’s a next, this was an insanely busy day…we  walked through Central park, and went to Gray’s Papaya so the guys could get some of the famous hot dogs!

Around 4:00pm we went to the Whole Foods in Columbus Circle to pick up some groceries with my dad.  This was literally the busiest store I’ve ever been to in my life.  I really don’t know how people can handle everything always being so crowded! I almost had an anxiety attack while trying to find English muffins!

Around 8:00pm  we took a Limo to dinner in the flatiron district @ SD26, where I had the best meal of my life.  Really the absolute best meal I’ve ever had. It was beautiful! The appetizers, the wine, the smells, the decor and the company.  It was all perfect!

See that white stuff on the left? That's parmesan foam and it was the best thing I think I've ever tasted! I love eating at places that put some thought into their vegetarian choices!

Total time walking: 8-9 hours ( and we were POWER walking!)


DAY 3 – Saturday the classic day

Woke up and headed to Times Square Hot bagels where I was once again impressed that all the noise about NY food isn’t just hype!  We ate on the windy street then hopped in a cab to the financial district where we got to see the Occupy Wall Street protestors.  It was awesome! Around lunchtime,  we headed to the 9/11 memorial which was very cool, as we could see the new World Trade Center being built!

From here we moved on to  SoHo where we ate outside at a cute little Italian restaurant and people watched! I tried to eat light considering I had a royal feast on Friday!  It’s interesting to see how well New Yorkers dress!  I didn’t see one person in a sweat, yoga or linen pant!  Everyone walking round Soho was very fashionable- even people who were clearly just running out to grab a quick Saturday Coffee. It definitely inspired me to step my fashion game up! No more yoga pants and flip-flops to the grocery store for this FIT bitch! New Yorkers have the right idea.  Why should we wait to look cute?  I mean you never know who you’re going to bump in to right?

Caprese salad with fresh imported buffalo mozzarella

This bread (the darker one) was salty, chewy and dipped in balsamic and olive oil was the perfect accompaniment to my salad

We got home around 4:00pm totally exhausted from all our walking but I just had to go and work out. The gym in our hotel overlooked Times Square.  What kind of FIT person would I be if I just didn’t work out in a gym like the one below!?! I did 20 minutes of elliptical, 25 minutes on the spin bike then worked out my chest and triceps!

Yes, that's actually a view of Times Square from my elliptical!

After my work out I really wanted to try another pizza place so my family obliged!  We went to Ultimate Pizza on the East 60th.  The pizza was okay- not as good as the slices we got on Thursday!

After dinner we walked down to 5th Ave to check out all the incredible designer shops (a la Sex and the City!) and Rockefeller Center! We didn’t even mean to check out Rockefeller Center we just bumped into it on our walk- but I’m glad we did- it was beautiful, festive and looked very New York-y!

Total time walking: about 7 hours + a good  gym work-out!

DAY 4 – Sunday, the last day

Slept in a little, grabbed some Dunkin’ Donuts coffee (mmm…), hung out in Central Park a little bit and walked to Serendipity!  We waited in line for about an hour and then finally got try a famous frozen hot chocolate! Serendipity was so cute ~ it was completed decked out for the holidays!

Glittery arches! 🙂

The driver picked us up from Serendipity to take us to the airport!   I’ll miss my dad and am bummed the whirlwind adventure went by so fast!  But I know I’ll be back in a few months…I’d say a couple of months but there’s no way I’m going there while there’s still snow on the ground!

Total time walking: about 2 hours


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