Some Fall Thoughts

15 Nov

39 days until Christmas!  (eeeEEEEeee!!)

I’m obsessed with my wine-ish red nail polish. It’s perfect for Fall.

I’m also obsessed with the red cups at Starbucks! ❤

I didn’t gain a single pound while in New York. In fact, I lost a pound or two!  🙂

I gave my self permission to start using the Twisted peppermint Products from Bath and Body works! They make me (and my office) smell like Christmas!!!

I like getting to know my new roommate, Ashley, she’s really interesting and a great listener! She also follows a very specific diet which is encouraging me to cook even more than usual!

I’m buying new running shoes this weekend. Finally!  I’m so excited to have comfy feet…hopefully cute feet too.

I’m making a roasted butternut squash, cranberry, walnut salad for my Thanksgiving potluck at work this Friday! FIT holiday food!

The older I get, the closer I’m getting to my brother. It’s awesome.  He’s smart and really empathetic.


I’m going to enjoy every second out the last holiday season  that my family will be California for! Let the celebrating begin!

I woke up at 6:00am today and had the hottest shower ever.

I’m going to walk at Lake Murray this weekend. Its been too long.

I went to Target last night and didn’t even look at the x-mas stuff.  I held myself back. I don’t know how but I did it!

I also went to Trader Joes last night for some MUCH over due grocery shopping.  Here’s most of what I bought…:

~Mediterranean Hummus

~2 fresh Fennel bulbs

~ Cubed butternut squash, there’s NO WAY i’m cubing that beast myself- I mean  honestly, have  you ever tried? It’s a savage task!!

~A huge bag a kale

~ 1 bag  organic Arugula, 1 bag organic  romain, 1 bag organic baby spring greens

~ 4 small avocados

~ Dill havarti cheese

~ Olive Oil

~ Low fat ricotta cheese

~ Roasted garlic marinara sauce (the ONLY good quality jarred sauce I’ve found)

~ Walnut pieces

~ 1 Package firm tofu (should have bought more…idiot)

~ 1 bottle of goddess salad dressing

~ 1 box of woven wheat crackers

~ 3 canned Pure Protein shakes! (20g protein only 1 g of sugar!)

~ 1 Large container of fat-free greek yogurt

~ 1 package of steamed lentils

~  My very own tofurkey! For $9.99 I got a full, stuffed tofurkey and gravy (the box can serve 4-5 people!).  It’s such a deal! I’m saving it for a week I’m feeling kind of  blah or not feeling like cooking much- or just for fun- it is the holidays after all!


When I got home from shopping I steamed the whole bag of kale, roasted 1 fennel bulb with 1 onion and mixed everything together with lentils!  It was so so good! Sort of like a rustic warm fennel salad!  I ate it with a side of hummus!  if you think you don’t like fennel because of its licoris-y flavor, try slicing it and roasting it with a touch of olive oil.  It get’s really sweet and delicious!












3 Responses to “Some Fall Thoughts”

  1. k9sherri November 15, 2011 at 10:26 am #

    You’re so healthy. Tofurkey, yes!!!!!!!!!! I’m getting one today.

  2. Ashley November 24, 2011 at 10:14 am #

    Just saw your blog finally — awesome!!! I can show you how to peel a butternut squash without losing a digit — there’s a special peeler in the drawer. ;o) Have a good long weekend with the fam!

    • getfitbitches November 24, 2011 at 2:42 pm #

      lol- thanks Ash! Yes I need to use that thing!!!

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