Gettin’ It

21 Nov

Man it’s tough to lose weight. Yep. It really really is.  Not that it’s been physically hard.  I mean  I haven’t been starving myself or running marathons.  But it is mentally hard.  I’m totally dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle and staying on a life long FIT journey but I’m growing impatient about reaching my goal.  I know once I reach my goal I’ll continue being committed to FITness and health and a sexy weight. BUT WHY CAN”T IT JUST HAPPEN NOW!  Honestly I’m getting annoyed!  I just want to be where I want to be already! UGH!!!!   Everyone keeps telling me that slowly is helathy way to do this.  I know that’s true because this is the first time in my life I feel committed to this lifestyle but if I’m being honest- some days can be discouraging.

You know what the cure for my impatience is?  To stop being a pussy and just work out harder. Yep.  there is no way around it.  Sometimes a little voice in my head whispers, “don’t go work out you really need to relax and stay home in your pjs.”  Thankfully after months of habit-forming gym trips, I now know that voice belongs to a sad fat-ass with no soul.  So I avoid any reccomendations it makes.  And you should too. Anytime you hear that anti-work out voice just answer it out loud with something like, “Hey fuck you- I’m gonna have an awesome work out and not sit around like a lazy ass.”

Even though this FITness/weightloss thing gets easier the longer I do it, I still have to push myself all the time.  One thing I try to think about is how great i’ll feel after a work out.  Even if it’s just a half hour of cardio.  How much better is it to work out -even for a short while than to NOT work out at all?  There is no way you will ever regret getting your butt to the gym. Ever.  It’s just not possible.  You’ll feel smiley and endorphin filled.  There’s just nothing better than that.  So tonight I’ll be gettin’ it in the gym like a bad-ass sweaty hoe- and I’ll be one really hard work-out away from where I want to be!

Below are some pics pf me  from this weekend. I think I’m progressing pretty good! Only 20-25 pound left to go and just under two months to do it in!!  🙂

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