Happy Thursd…Uh I Mean Happy Tuesday!

22 Nov

Here’s to a three day work week! Ballin’!  If you think about it, today is like Thursday so tomorrow is Friday!  Whoooo!

Today was one of those mornings when I lept outta bed the way PIMPS across the globe must have done when they heard women’s studies became a legitimate academic feild of study.  Well kind of like that except when I lept up I was happy!  @ 6:30am this morning I thanked the gods of cardio for giving me such a great night of sleep.  I had an epic work-out last night and plan on doing the same tonight!



Berry Oatmeal with greek yogurt

Make plain instant oatmeal as you would normally but add frozen berries to the oats before you add boiling water. Today I used a berry medley I bought at Costco- Blueberries, rasberries and Marion berries. Adding the boiling water cooks the oats and defrosts the berries- perfect!


Stir the mixture together and top with a dallop of low-fat or non-fat greek yogurt! This healthy breakfast takes less than 5 minutes!



Of course I had coffee too! Half Kona roast, half French Vanilla with a splash of cream. No Splenda needed!

Last Night’s Work-out:
~55 minutes on the elliptical-  blasted 600 CALS
~An hour of stretching and weight lifting- I focused on:
     Triceps, Abs and Chest (I bench pressed!)
I think the main reason I feel so great today was the large amount of cardio. Lately I’ve been doing about half an hour and truthfully- if you’re looking to lose weight- that’s just not enough.  I think it’s enough to be healthy and maintain a certain weight- and it’s enough to give you the mental helath benefits as well. But I’m looking to really step my game up so I know, just based off of how my body feels, that I need to be doing an hour of cardio several times a week + weight lifting.
Here is an awesome, honest quote from a celebrity that I actually don’t like very much.  I think Gwenyth Paltrow looks like a stuck up bitch.  She does have a rockin’ bod though and I LOVE what she says below. It’s nice to know that Hollywood’s perfect tens work their asses out in the gym!   🙂

What a BOSS


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