The Gym was Insane Today!

24 Nov

You know you’re in Orange County when…There are more people in the gym than in the supermarket the day before and the day of Thanksgiving!  I am up in Orange County visiting my parents today and my brother and I decided to hit up the Agassi Super 24hour fitness. Upon entering the always fun and state of the art FITness center, I was literally in shock over how busy it was!  I mean I’m aware that I was at the gym too…but I’m on a FIT journey.  No joke- there were at least 250 people there!  Every cardio and weight machine was occupied! I guess everyone was planning to burn 1000 calories before ingesting 1000 calories! Good idea I guess!

I woke up this morning and was planning on lazing around the house in my pj’s when my gym rat brother declared @ 9:00am that he was going to work out NOW and if I wanted to go I better hurry the hell up. Not wanting to miss a chance to use the Agassi gym (it was free for all guests since today’s a holiday) I hustled out the door after scarfing a Trader Joes green chilli and cheese tamale (280 CALS).



~ 45 minutes on the ellipitical- burned 550 CALS

~ Insane ab work-out

~booty and hamstring machines!

~ about 15 minutes in the awesome stretching room.

When I got home my brother made me a peanut butter protein shake and about half an hour later I snacked on some crackers and hummus!

Now I’m enjoying my afternoon by reading magazines (like my favorite thing ever!) and watching holiday cooking shows!!


I’m super hungry and can’t wait for dinner!  Since we celebrated the Canadian Thanksgiving- we’re not doing traditional TG food today and my folks opted for Italian instead.   We’ll be having Mushroom & Asparagus Lasagna, and salad! 🙂



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