Desk Lunch

1 Dec

Huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……. that was a sigh. I’m seriously tired.  Work has been insane and I have a gnarly cold that’s making me feel like I just got body slammed by Chris Farley’s coked-out ghost.   My week has been great in the FIT sense.  I’ve been eating light and really sensibly, no fat-ass moves over here.

The cold I’m fighting right now has lovely out-of-the ordinary symptom of nausea. It’s stupendous!  I woke up this morning and tried to eat some oatmeal but with every bite I felt like I might gag.  I hauled my weary sac of bones off to work and tried to fight off huge pangs of nausea all day long.  What a delight! 

Around 2:00pm I was completely starving and ordered some soup.  The Livingroom Cafe, next door to my work generally has incredible food. Today’s soup of the day, Cauliflower, was not good. It looked like it might be creamy or garlic-y or something…but nope, it was pretty much blended up cauliflower.  I mean would it have killed them to toss some roasted garlic, parmesan or something in there?  Bleh- it was weak!  But, it didn’t make me nauseas. Jackpot.

On the bright side, The Livingroom makes their own whole wheat bread and I ate a slice of that along with my pale tasteless soup and it made my desk lunch much better!

I’m treating myself to an order of vegan PHO tonight.  If you collected jesus’ sweat in a cup and cooked it with onion, cilantro, and tofu it still wouldn’t taste as heavenly as PHO does.  PHO is a Vietnamese beef & noodle soup, and there is only 1 place in the world that makes an incredible veggie version…the Loving Hut! PHO (pronounced Fuh), is a thin yet rich and spicy soup. It’s loaded with long slippery rice noodles, thinly sliced onions, freshly torn Thai basil leaves, bean sprouts, thinly shaved beef (or soy beef!), and as much freshly squeezed lime as you like!  I also like to load mine up with Sriracha! MMM! 

Seriously, if you’ve never ordered PHO, go get it !  Get it tonight. Why not?  It usually costs between $4-$7 and it the most satisfying soup on the planet. Mark my words!  Nothing tastes as good when you’re feeling under the weather.  Or anytime it’s cold.  The smell of the clear, reddish broth always makes me think of winter.  To quote my 21 year old brother upon his first taste of PHO,  “It’s so soothing and flavorful….yet subtle, all at the same time.”  Lol.  Brad always has a way with words when it comes to food!  And he’s right!  PHO has a very distinct flavor to it.  I can’t quite put my finger on it…it’s sort of like a mix of garlic, cinnamon, coriander, mint and soy… plus about ten other evasive flavors.  Who cares, all I know is I get to eat it tonight. It’s healthy, cheap and will make my throat feel glorious!

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  1. k9sherri December 1, 2011 at 8:55 pm #

    Home you feel better soon 🙂

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