A Work-out Commitment

2 Dec


I’m a sniveling disgusting sick person today but come next week I’m gonna be an ass-kicking FIT bitch.  Here’s my gym schedule for now until Christmas. Come work-out with me if you want!!! We have 23 days until Christmas and I want to get at least 13 work-outs in before then! 


Monday 5– gym

Tuesday 6- gym (I’m hoping that this work-out will be in the AM, now I just need to find a way to wake up…)

Wednesday 7- gym

Thursday 8-gym

Friday 9- NO GYM. My best friend is having a girls night at her place in Temecula so I’ll be heading up there after work.

Saturday 10- Walk/Jog at either Mission Bay, Lake Murray or Balboa Park.

Sunday 11-  Maybe the gym?  I guess it depend on plans…at the very least I’ll walk Sunset Cliffs.  Since Friday was Pay Day I hope to be doing some Christmas shopping today!

Monday 12- Gym

Tuesday 13- Gym

Wednesday 14- Gym

Thursday 15- Gym ( I hope this will be another AM work-out since I’d like to shop for my holiday fest after work!  Who wants to call me @ 5:30am?? Any of my Canadian friends…it’ll be 8:30am for you!)

Friday 16– Girls Holiday Festivities @ my place after work. No Gym

Saturday 17- No Gym…I’m just being realistic…

Sunday 18- Gym

Monday 19- Gym

Tuesday 20-Gym

Wednesday 21- Pack for my Christmas trip to CT after work!  No Gym.

Thursday 22- Spend the entire day traveling to CT. No Gym.

Friday 23- Wake up in my parents new house! I’m sure it’ll be amazingly chilly!  Go on a walk/jog in the AM. Then take the train in to NYC and walk around the city all day!! You better believe I’ll be in Macy’s today!

Saturday 24- Go on a jog around my parents neighborhood in the AM.

Sunday 25- REST! 🙂  Merry Christmas to our MUCH FITter selves!


2 Responses to “A Work-out Commitment”

  1. Grace December 2, 2011 at 12:02 pm #

    As Barney would say, “Challege accepted.”

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