Damn You Sugar!

29 Dec

I stopped thinking it was a good idea to eat sugary, sweet things a longgggg time ago.  I actually put that idea in to practice about a 10 months ago and now I’m ready to be even a little more strict about it. I think sugar is nothing but empty calories that are really bad for your waist line, can feed candida, rot your teeth, ruin your mood and the stability of your insulin levels!  Really, sugar is junk that should only be saved for special occasions and not be used as a daily treat!

I occasionally eat sugar, even now that I’m livin’ the FIT bitch life -about once a  week in the form of chocolate, half of a muffin or in a sweetened smoothie or something like that.  I definitely ate sugar while in Connecticut over the holidays- actually I kind of ate anything I damn well pleased!  I drank beer, ate my moms Christmas squares, snacked on chips and didn’t care one bit! I made a conscious decision to work out a few times really hard while I was staying with my parents. I also made the decision that since I was spending Christmas 3000 miles from home- I’d just relax and indulge in all my holiday faves.  I’m glad I did. It was so fun and I had some really great food!

This a Nanaimo Bar. A Canadian Christmas square my mom makes each year.


The point of this post is to announce my sugar free challenge! Have you ever heard of the concept that the more you eat sugar, the more you want to eat it? Well I’m totally wrapped up in that horrible cycle right now! Dude! How terrible!  I want chocolate…like now!  Of course, in normal, non-post holiday life, I’m all about moderation and not restricting  yourself.  But after the Christmas sugar fest I put myself through, I’d say it’s high time for some restriction! No sugar for me- not one freakin grain, crumb or sip of it for two months!  Shit… maybe I should stick to one month??? No- No I should really stick to two months…  There is absolutely no point to eat sugar – it will do nothing but hinder my weight loss.  Well except that it might make  me happy for the five minutes I’m eating it….but I  have to remember that it will send me into a diabetic-esque foggy coma within an hour of finishing it! 

I will eat fruit and naturally occurring sugars in things like dairy and whole grain carbs. I will also allow myself to drink alcohol once a week.  I know alcohol is really just liquid sugar that destroys your liver….but I’m 26 and have a fairly active social life….I’m just trying to be realistic!  Lol!  I’ll mostly stick to my vodka & soda waters, and maybe a beer once or twice!  🙂 I’ve recently become a pretty big beer fan.  Up until about a year ago, I HATED beer.  I can blame a handful of my co-workers for switching me over to the dark side!


 So peace out for 2 months you overly sweet bastard!!! Below is a list of some of  the things that’ll be BANNED!  I don’t really eat this type of food anymore anyways- but I think it’s fun  to challenge myself like this and it’s always cool to re-focus your self with a specific goal.  All sweets & dessert-y type of things will be out of the picture.  Honey and Agave are out too! I’ve been doing some reading lately, about how they’re not as blood sugar friendly as once thought.  They’re still stupid calories and should be enjoyed in moderation. So goodbye to:

muffins, danishes & all pastries

pancakes & waffles

jams, jellies & syrups

sweetened PB or nutella

sweetened or frozen yogurt

ice cream

drinks like Gatorade, Lemonade or Soda (I  never usually touch these drinks anyway)

cookies, cakes, pies

chocolate (yes I know that a little dark chocolate can be good for you- which is why I’ll eat it again in 2 months!)

Sweetened protein bars & shakes

granola & sugary cereal

sweetened coffee drinks

4 Responses to “Damn You Sugar!”

  1. Grace December 29, 2011 at 10:27 am #

    Wait so no diet coke for 2 months?

    • getfitbitches December 29, 2011 at 10:36 am #

      Ummmm who said there was sugar in diet coke!!?? That shit is sugar free hoe!!

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Laur December 29, 2011 at 1:35 pm #

        Artificial sweetners are just as bad for you. They continue the craving for eating sweet things. And since the fat free sugar free evolution, people have gained more weight. There are also a ton of side effects to the sweetners.

      • getfitbitches December 29, 2011 at 2:10 pm #

        I agree they are totally bad for you! But I’m losing weight while still drinking diet coke! And though I know it’s something I need to stop (for a million health reasons- mostly because it’s artificial and I’m trying eat naturally), I’m trying to tackle 1 vice at a time!! 🙂 that will be my next hurdle! I’m actually down to one every other day or so now and stopped using artificial sweetener in coffee!

        I still think sugar is worse though! At least for me- it makes me feel lethargic and horrible!

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