29 Dec

I ate lunch alone at work like today like a complete social outcast…. but that’s only because there are only about three people in my office this week!  I totally could/should have taken a longer vacation!  Work is SLOOOWWWW.

 For breakfast today I had a Pure Protein shake (vanilla flavored, 100 Cals, 1 gram of sugar),  a banana and a venti Starbucks coffee with cream.

For a Snack I had brocoli dipped in dill greek yogurt dip. (I’m guessing it was 250 cals??)

I haven’t had the chance to hit up Trader Joes since I’ve been back in CA so I basically have no food in my fridge.  Despite this fact – I refused to eat some over priced un healthy bullshit for lunch so I work up a little early to see if I could attempt to throw something together. Heres what I came up with in less than 10 minutes!:

Brown Rice Noodles with sautéed carrots, spinach, garlic & dill.  I topped everything with a shredded string cheese and  some champagne & pear vinaigrette and heated it up when I  got to work! (The red stuff on the side is Sriracha for dipping!) Not very glamorous but it was budget friendly and full of the veggies I’ve been craving so much lately!


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