Like a Boss

5 Jan

Now that we’re in the dark months of winter, staying home on the cozy couch with a bowl of pasta is starting to sound a little too tempting. Just because we’re not in shorts or bikinis doesn’t mean we should layer on the insulation under our tunic sweaters!  It’s so easy to forget that we’ll soon be wearing very tiny summer clothing…When I begin doubting whether or not I should go for a run after work or if I should eat chips- I always go to to look at their fitness section for some motivation!  Here are a couple that made me reach for the cottage cheese and drop the crackers!!


Imagine how awesome it’s going to be this summer, when instead of dreading bathing suit season, we’ll be celebrating it! No pale shapeless winter bodies, FIT bitches will be more like butterflies emerging from mother fuckin’ cocoons!

Last year around this time, I remember telling my sister that one of my biggest motivators for losing weight was wanting to be able to wear little shorts in the summer- because, honestly, who wants to wear jeans or Bermudas when you can wear little cut-offs?  And  I don’t even mean for fashion reasons- it’s too damn hott in July to not wear skimpy clothes!  I conquered my goal of  having legs I felt were “shorts acceptable”, but now it’s time to get an ass and stomach that are “bikini ready”.

You may wonder why I’m talking about the summer in January….well becasue times passes at light speed bitches!  Don’t you remember, that just yesterday we were thinking about buying a cute pair of boots for fall?   That was four months ago! And if you think about it…we only have January, February, March & April to get into bikini shape!  Four months is nothing, well I guess my Northern readers have more like 5 months!  If you follow the 1-2 pounds of weight loss a week rule, that means we could all  drop 30 pounds before summer (only if you need or want to drop 30 pounds that is~ maybe you just want  to get a Jessica Biel ass by then.)

 Oh ummm also, I forgot to mention that I’m going Hawaii at the end of April! Woooo!!!  My amazing friend Anastasia invited me on a trip her work is taking to Maui, April 27th-May 1st!  So not only do I get to go on an amazing trip, but I also have a huge new reason to stay motivated! How boss is that shit?!?!


Here was lunch yesterday:

And breakfast today:




3 Responses to “Like a Boss”

  1. Tara January 5, 2012 at 2:32 pm #

    Dude!!! You are looking great!!

  2. Ash January 5, 2012 at 5:08 pm #

    Holy crap!! Jaime you look freaking gorgeous!!! On your journey you face is becoming more defined.. You have beautiful
    Features and it’s nice to see more of them and your beautiful healthy glowing, hydrated skin!!!

    I feel motivated!! Your gonna LOVE Maui! Great idea to focus on those cut offs!

    • getfitbitches January 6, 2012 at 8:42 am #

      🙂 You’re so sweet Ash! Hells yeah for next Tuesday!

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