I Resolve to…

6 Jan

Aren’t New Years resolutions the worst?  You make all these huge promises to your self  while fully knowing that you wont keep them, but they make you feel good for the first week of January.  Come to think of it, maybe New years resolutions are just are a smart way to prevent everyone from falling into a post holiday slump…We all get to have something  positive to focus on as we look hopefully forward towards a shiny new year.

I’ve always failed on my New Years resolutions (nyr). Every single one of them. I’ve always said I’d lose weight.  I never did. Until last year. But it wasn’t a NYR that helped me succeed this time.  I started working on my weight loss around  March of 2011 and took things really seriously in about May or June. It feels so good to already be  losing weight and to NOT have that be my NYR again.  That would have been pathetic – I’m pretty sure that 5 failed years was enough for me!  This fall, when I had reached a pretty big weight loss milestone, I realized that I wouldn’t have to make weight loss my NYR again this year.  It was one of my happiest moments.  I thought about how refreshing it would be to get to put all my NYR energy into something different. It’s awesome.

This year, while I continue to be a FIT bitch of course, my two NYRs will be the following:

1. Put more effort into looking pretty and put together every day-  Have you ever been watching a sitcom, and noticed two female characters who are randomly at a coffee shop together,  both happen to have perfect hair and really, really cute outfits on?  I mean, c’mon, no one ever looks that great just meet a friend for coffee right??  Well I want that to be me! I don’t care if anyone thinks that this is a superficial resolution. I’m investing more time into my looks. Before my weight loss, I don’t feel like I tried hard enough to look my best all the time.  My new-found confidence is inspiring me to want to look  great, a lot more often.  When you look your very best, you feel your very best.  Why should I save my great hair days for the inside of a bar on the weekend?  Well I’m not going to anymore. The perfect Sunday shopping outfit is no longer has to be reserved for celebrities and rich-ass gold diggers.

I resolve to wake up earlier for work so that I can actually do my hair and make-up the way I like it best. I will not wear an outfit I hate because I was too lazy to plan ahead. I won’t save my cute blazer for the days I have important meetings.  I resolve to put more effort into planning my outfits for work and for my regular everyday life. I want to look cute enough everyday that I’d be absolutely pleased to bump into anyone and not think twice about my face, nails, hair or clothes. Being put together only makes you feel more confident and so far, I’ve been feeling absolutely fabulous about my new commitment to looking my best.  Why shouldn’t we feel totally comfortable, confident and beautiful every single day?  While putting more effort into my appearance might sound shallow, it’s going to positively influence a lot more than my manicure and mascara! I know it!

Some great work 'cute-ness' inspiration, Kate Hudson in just about any movie she's ever done, photo from about.com

I've always LOVED Helen Hunt's character's attire in What Women Want, photo from blu-ray.com

2. Stop spending time doing things I don’t want to do.

Last year was a tough year. But also a busy year! I did so many fun and amazing things with lots of people I love. But I think I may have over done it.  I resolve to say NO more often to things I don’t feel like doing. This applies to all aspects of my life. Professionally, with my friends, in my dating life and even with acquaintances and strangers.  2012 is going to be about focusing on the great things in my life and being okay with spending less time on things out of guilt or obligation.  Yes this is selfish.  And yes I’m sure I’ll probably end up attending a few obligatory social events, I mean I can’t be a complete bitch.

I have a lot of freedom in my life right now, and I know it won’t always be this way- so I want to make my life look exactly the way I want it to.  I have absolutely no one telling me what to do. How my weeks and months look is 100% in my hands. I resolve to make those weeks and this whole year relaxed, fun, happy, hard-working, adventurous, as care free as possible and exciting all at the same time. I’m only going to do what I want whenever possible.


Looks like 2012 is starting out on a pretty FIT, good foot!


2 Responses to “I Resolve to…”

  1. Ash January 6, 2012 at 1:33 pm #

    Love this! It’s great to FEEL good in your skin! People can judge and think you think your hot shit but the reality is that confidence comes from within and radiates to every area of your life!!! Love it!!!

    Ps I have a starbucks iced coffee today!!!!! Holy crapppppo!!!!! Lol

    • getfitbitches January 6, 2012 at 2:41 pm #

      Right?! It’s totallllyyy liquid hyper-ness

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