Get It On The Floor

13 Jan

I’ve been getting in plank position about every couple of hours in my office lately. I’ve also been doing push-ups.  Yep, I just get on the floor next to my desk and work it out.  I’m sure I’ll get caught by my boss one of these days, but he can’t really get mad can he?  A minute or so of physical activity probably only makes me a more effective employee. Right?  Well I don’t give a shit anyhow, I think the planking is doing great shit for my waist – and that’s what matters right?

I’ve been seriously busy- hence the blogging break.  Here are some photos from my epic week. Yes my week was epic.  Why? Ummm because I live in San Diego and we’ve been having the type of glorious weather that puts me in a great mood no matter what’s going on!  Cool and Sunny!  To make things even better,  I’ve been keeping busy and active  with lots of great friends!

EPIC weather... ❤

Drove into this beautiful Ocean Beach Sunset while on my way to the gym on Monday. It was a gorgeous reminder of the long sunny beach days that are just a stones throw away!


Went to Taco Tuesday with one of my fave couples on Tues. Not only are these two so in love it's sickening, but they are the BEST dinner dates! Such a great way to liven up my week!

Strayed from the FIT path a bit on Tuesday while @ Taco Tuesday. 2 Corona lights, 1/2 a shrimp quesadilla with some chips and salsa from El Camino. Totally fun and worth the almost 900 calories! How appropriate are their to-go containers?!

My desk lunch from yesterday. I was so busy I didn't eat until 3:00pm! 300CALS

Dinner last night- veggie ground beef cooked with marinara sauce and topped with part-skim mozzarella. Steamed greens on the side. It's a classic Italian dinner, just without the pasta! Try it!

TGIF! I can’t wait for the three day weekend to start! I’m kicking it off tonight by having a fish dinner over at my rommates parents house. Tomorrow morning, I plan on hittin’ Sunset cliffs for a jog bright and early! What are your FITness plans for this weekend?


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