4 More Gone Baby!

25 Jan

I’m down four more pounds since my last blog entry.  Well since a few days before my last entry, so I’m down 4 pounds in about  12 days.  I think I’ve busted outta my plateau and am finally on my way to summer ready FITness. I credit the lower carb diet 5 days a week and tougher work-outs for the getting me back to losing. I’ve been eating really really well and running harder than ever before.

On Saturday morning, I worked out with my friends Grace and Anastasia at CHUZE fitness and we really kicked our asses!  We were all so sore from our 2 hour routine that we had a hard time doing stairs or even sitting on the toilet until yesterday! It was a great, tough & fun way to start my weekend.  We were all so beat and starving after we finished, we headed over to Einsteins bagels where I, 1. Ate carbs and 2. felt great about it!  I ordered an everything bagel with eggs, spinach, mushrooms and swiss cheese.  It was just what my body was craving after a killer ass beating work-out! (590 CALS)


Today’s Food:

Started the morning with greek yogurt topped with berries and sliced almonds. + 1 cup of coffee witha spalsh of half and half.

I’m currently snacking on banana and peanut butter

For lunch I’ll have egg whites cooked with with garlic, cheddar & some steamed cauliflower that i tossed with Braggs amino acids and poultry seasoning! It’s  the BEST cauliflower I’ve ever had!  

Dinner…probabaly a salad or some tofu and veggies with hummus!



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