Trying To Be Hardcore

26 Jan

It’s weird that once you’ve been doing the whole FIT bitch thing for a while, it becomes pretty easy.  But then you realize everything feels easy because your body has become completely used to your FIT routine and you’ve officially hit a plateau.  That happened to me…probably around New Years…I didn’t lose any weight for a couple of weeks.  I can blame it on the holidays or I can accept the fact that I had become to comfortable with my eating and my workouts.  Everything becomes routine after a while.  Even the very regimen that I used to think was difficult can become regular, average and basically just too easy. 

So now I have to  work our harder than before to get the results I want. What a mother fucker.  Hmmm imagine that…I’m actually progressing & I’m FITter so I can’t do the chubby girls work-out anymore.  Weight loss is a funny process, the more committed to the process you are , the easier things begin  feel to your body.  But then, because we’re all striving to do better- we give ourselves tougher goals, so every few months, it becomes hard all over again.  If the me from 7 months ago tried to do the work outs I do these days…I’d have passed out or puked.  For sure.  So I’m stronger, faster and have more endurance but that also means working harder each work out.

 I think a little competition with your self is a good thing, if we stop pushing our selves, we can’t grow and we’ll never move forward. I still have a VERY clear goal in my head and I’m even more dedicated to reaching it than I was when I started the FIT bitch blog.  At first I was really serious about weight loss, which of course I still am, but I’m also all about the 5 following things right now:

getting a  super great ass

getting bikini ready

 being in wickedly envious cardiovascular shape (gotta hike those hills down to the beach this summer!)

eating a healthy & low sugar diet for life (because I feel SO much better this way)

 the endorphin rush & natural antidepressants I get from working out ( this is by far the best reason that we should all work out)



Here’s some of the straight up glory I’ve  been eatin’:


Had a banana with PB yesterday and today for a mid morn snack.

Chugging 3-5 of these bottles daily ( 6-7 if I work out)

Lunch today was a big lentil  salad with Goddess dressing and…..

Huge chunks of avocado! Mmmmm  🙂

 Bye!  I’m headed to the gym to be HARDCORE!


2 Responses to “Trying To Be Hardcore”

  1. k9sherri January 27, 2012 at 3:04 am #

    You are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • getfitbitches January 27, 2012 at 10:24 am #

      Not yet mom….but maybe in a few months I will be!

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