A Quick Fit Summary

30 Jan

It’s Monday morning and once again, the weekend is over….whew am I  exhausted! It was a very low-key but very active weekend and it was just how I planned it. I ate light and low carb, worked out tough and relaxed as much as possible.  What made this weekend especially great was the weather.  Its January and it was 75 degrees and sunny Saturday and Sunday!

I started my weekend with a long walk and a few short sprints with my roommate, followed by a movie night @ home with the girls ( we watched Crazy, Stupid Love- it was cute!)

Saturday morning I woke up and hauled my booty to the gym where I met up with of course Grace and Anastasia.  I ran 2 miles on the treadmill and then worked out my chest and shoulders.  My run was legit.  I’ve upped my running speed to a constant 6.2mph.  Every couple of minutes I increase the speed to 7.2mph then lower it down again t0 5.5mph.  I was dripping in sweat and felt great after 20 minutes! It was slightly embarrassing to take pictures at the gym…I felt like one of ‘those girls’ but it’s fun to document just how sweaty we actually get!

Later on Saturday, my good friend Kodye (who’s 2 months pregnant and will be cutest preggers chick ever!!!) came to San Diego to spend the afternoon shopping and gossiping with me!

We headed to the mall where we got to visit Ashleigh and Dani and Seven for All Mankind! Fashionable ladies!! Kodye and I then dress shopped and of course talked as much shit as humanly possible.

For dinner on Saturday I made an Italian egg white scramble that had a crumbled boca burger, parmesan, marinara sauce and was topped with some shredded cheese!  It was so savory and great.  I’ve really been into spicing up my egg whites to make them similar to carb-y dishes.  This had a pizza-esque taste and filled me up just right!

On Sunday I slept in until about 9:30am and made a quick run to Starbucks the second my eyes opened- it felt like an iced coffee day.  For breakfast, I had this bowl of glory:

Greek yogurt with slivered almonds and frozen mixed berries. Protein packed and delicious!

My roommate Ashley and I had a great hour long work out around noon while kayaking on Mission bay.  The sun was shining and the water was choppy, it was such a good upper body challenge!

Home from kayaking, we were sun drained, hungry and tired.  I made a healthy tuna salad and ate it in a corn tortilla with some cabbage and Sriracha!

Tuna Salad:

1 Can of solid white albacore tuna (drained and rinsed)

1/2 mashed Hass Avocado (instead of mayo!)

Diced pickle & onion

salt & pepper

I ate about half of this tuna  in a tortilla and then finished the rest of it with a salad of cabbage and arugula!

Later in the afternoon, it was sunny and the temperature had dropped a little so  I just couldn’t stay inside.  I hiked Sunset cliffs and then did some gnarly stair running at the beach! Gotta get that ass right before summer arrives! How beautiful is the ocean? Its so easy to get yourself out to run when your back yard looks like this!

This long staircase below has 5 flights of 12 stairs.  I ran this bastard 7 times which means I did 420 steps!  I could barely breath when I was finished but I know I’ll thanking myself this summer!

I’m happy that I stuck to my plan of having an active, FIT focused weekend and plan on making my work work the same. Let’s get it!

One Response to “A Quick Fit Summary”

  1. k9sherri January 30, 2012 at 1:43 pm #

    Sounds pretty amazing Jame

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