3 Feb

DUDE! I couldn’t feel happier! I weighed myself yesterday and I’m down four pounds since last Thursday! Four pounds in a week! I totally busted outta my plateau and really focused on my goal. Nothing feels better than having your hard work actually pay off.  I felt that I had lost weight just by the way my body felt but seeing it right before my eyes on a brand new medical scale was just the reinformcement I needed!  Woooo!!

You know what the craziest thing is?  This actually hasn’t been very hard!  The eating has  been a piece of cake! I’ve been eating really delicisous whole foods but have been really careful with my portions and have been keeping my carbs under  80 grams.  I admit  that my workouts have been daily and I have been pushing myself alot harder than I used to.  But that was my plan- you have to work if you want progress right?  It took more emotional strength than anything to get myself to keep running.  I worked out with my friend Ashleigh on Tuesday and we ran and did some cardio drills.  We were doing some high impact stuff and I hurt my back doing a burpee (which is sort of like and up/down in football), so I took a night off  from running the  last two nights and iced my back all day yesterday.  I feel 99% better today! Thank goodness, there was no way I wanted an injury to hold me back!  Can’t nobody hold me down…

So yup I’ve been runnin’ and runnin’ and that guess what?  It actually works!  It’s not a rumor or something that  ‘runners’ say.  Get out and move your body- go fast, speed walk, jog, sprint or switch off between a walk and run.  Train hard, lose your breath, sigh, grunt  and get sweaty- It really works!

Heres are some of my eats from this week:

Coffee every morn per usual! Sans Splenda these days! Cream only!

Monday, Wednesday and Tuesday I ate Tofurkey roast and Kale for lunch! I cooked a huge batch on Sunday!

My go-to snack this week has been 1/2 a banana or a granny smith apple dipped in peanut butter. 

 Dinners were mostly egg whites cooked up in lots of intersting ways.  Below, they’re paired with kale,sundried tomatoes, pesto, feta and topped with some perfect avocado!


One Response to “Elation”

  1. Ash February 3, 2012 at 2:18 pm #

    Glad you back is feeling better!!!

    Next week- on the agenda: sprints, running, abs and an inhaler. Haha

    Love the nail color ps! Pink!!!!

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