5 FIT Bitch Must Haves, IV

7 Feb

1. FAT:

This must have is inspired by my roommate Ashley.  Anytime I feel super hungry, am lethargic or even when I’m hung over, Ashley asks, “have you eaten enough fat?”  At first, when she started asking me this I thought “Of course I haven’t eaten a ton of fat…I’m trying to lose weight!”

With time, Ashley has changed the way I think about fat and it’s totally changed the way I eat.   If you don’t eat enough fat and protein in a meal, you are going to be hungry sooner than necessary.  I’m not advocating taking shots of  liquid beef fat for your afternoon snack, but I am advocating the use of the items listed below.  They won’t make you fat! I swear!  I’m losing weight at a much better pace than I was when I was trying to avoid fat! My blood sugar levels are stable because rather than grabbing a muffin, I’m eating something that doesn’t cause my insulin levels to spike and will totally satisfy your appetite!

~ Avocados…Just eat them and don’t worry about it!

~ Salmon

~ Cheese (I mean a slice of good quality cheese, not fried cheese, nacho cheese or American cheese!)

~ Yogurt (2%)

~ Olive oil

~ Coconut Oil

~ Eggs

~ Nuts


When I was running up an enormous hill last week, there was a tiny voice in my head saying, ” you can stop now, that’s far enough, at least you tried and ran some of it.” It took all of the commitment I could muster to shut that voice up and keep freakin running.  Lets be honest, unless you’re of those creepy emotion-less skeletor marathon runners, running is tough.  It’s challenging and yes, it can be freeing and rewarding if you stick to training.  But it’s hard.  I get out of breath, my feet hurt and I get side cramps.  I don’t keep running night after night because it’s a favorite hobby of mine.  I keep running because I’m committed to being FIT.  There is no other way to do this.  If  you have a goal, there is nothing you can do but commit to it. That’s all.


If I forget my Ipod or Iphone when I go to the gym, someone might as well have severed my Achilles tendons.  That’s how useless I am.  I NEED some tunes to keep me going.  When I’m running and song  I really loves comes on, it totally inspires me to run faster and running actually seems easier.  Now that I have an Iphone (obsessed!), I can listen to Pandora while I’m at the gym or jogging around the hood’.  I have taken the time to thumbs up or thumbs down alot of songs, so my Pandora stations are perfect!  Here are some of the Pandora stations I listen to!

Pandora Stations:

SHOTS radio… Yeah that’s right like the lil Jon song ” Shots Shots Shots Shots Shots Shots” this station is amazing for running sprints!

PITBULL radio…. this station is upbeat and has a great mix of stuff from David Guetta, Ludacris, Pitbull and LMFAO.

TUPAC radio… this station is ideal for longer runs, circuit training and weight lifting, I’ve gotten my station to be the perfect combination of Snoop,  Chronic 2001, Natedogg, Biggie, Warren G and or course, Pac.

A station alot of my girl friends have recommended is Brittany Spears, I usually like music that’s a little harder for working out, but I think I’ll give this station a try tonight since its been recommended by about 5 people.


Don’t get it twisted.  Eating steamed veggies is the most legit thing a FIT bitch can do.  Seriously, steaming any sort of veggie is quick, healthy and I swear absolutely delicious!  Steaming veggies ensures that they lose less nutrients than boiling and depending on the type of veggie you cook, I believe it can bring out a subtle sweetness.  Eating veggies is sure way to get enough vitamins, good carbs and fiber. I love to steam a bunch of veggies and have them ready to go in my fridge.  I toss em into salads, omelettes, tofu dishes and in a rush can just eat them warmed up with a little hummus.  Why not replace that pasta side dish with some steamed zucchini topped with marinara?  Steamed cauliflower with a tiny pat of butter is a great replacement for mashed potatoes as well.

Here are some of fave veggies to steam:

Kale ( I worship kale and consider a staple in my diet, as long as there’s kale around I’m set)

Brussel sprouts





Collard greens

5.  FUN

If you’re working hard on your FITness all week long, you need to let your self play hard on the weekend.  I’m not saying you should throw caution to the wind and shove a 1:00am burrito in your face (I really wanted to do that this last Saturday, but…..high five I restrained myself! WOO!!) But you do need to go out and just have some fun! Whether that means shooting pool with some beers, going to a fancy  dinner party, camping on the beach or shakin’ that ass in a club- live it up!  All this hard work isn’t for nothing right?  After working on my body all week its fun to go out and walk around in the new and improved edition of me.  Fun nights with friends are even funner when you’re feeling hott! Even though I’m focused on a specific goal right now, I don’t have to wait until I reach it to have fun!


3 Responses to “5 FIT Bitch Must Haves, IV”

  1. k9sherri February 7, 2012 at 3:59 pm #

    Jamie you are amazing

  2. Ash February 7, 2012 at 5:25 pm #

    I’m gonma steam veggies this week!! Thanks for the recommendations!!!

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